16 November, 2016 09:20







SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF TI said that Panama Leak case is basically of article 62 and 63 because Sharif family is constantly lying. He said that he can not understand that why Saudi, Qatri and Dubai princes come to rescue Sharif family all the time.

AHSAN IQBAL OF PML-N said that Panama Leak case is in the court and we should not carry out our own trial in the media. He said that the statement of the PM that will be part of the decision of the court will be considered true.

He said that the cases in the court against PPPP were because of their government’s shameful performance whereas case against PML-N is of personal nature. He said that the country is economically rising in the government of PML-N and the enemies of our party are afraid of it. He said that the real issue is that the PML-N enemies are afraid of the performance of his party.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that during the government of PPPP Ahsan Iqbal used to set media trial of his party every single night in the talk shows. He said that when the SC tried to hear the case against PML-N in the past they attacked on the court and the judges fled to save their lives. He said that a case was lodged against Benazir Bhutto based on the talk shows and the newspaper reports. He said that the judges watched the videos of talk shows in the court against Benazir Bhutto. He said that a case against Exact was lodged based on a newspaper report during the current government of PML-N.

He said that first time the news that a prince of Qatar helped Sharif family has come in his knowledge. He said that Ahsan Iqbal will not be able to testify under oath that the money was taken from the prince of Qatar. He said that Saif U Rehman is also in Qatar has close relationship with the Qatar royal family and is expert of concocted documents.

He said that PML-N should be ashamed to inaugurate Gawadar port by Nawaz Sharif that was already inaugurated during PPPP government.

He said that the letter presented in the court by PML-N will be anther ditch for Sharif family.

SALMAN AKRAM RAJA LAW EXPERT said that the letter of the prince of Qatar is just a statement if he does not come to the court for cross questioning it will be worthless. He said that the court can summon the price of Qatar to the court somehow and get his statement. He said that the court can also form a commission that can take the statement of the prince of Qatar and cross question him.

He said that Sharif family says that Maryam Nawaz has nothing to do with Nelson and Nescon whereas newspaper Guardian says that she is the sole owner of the companies.


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