17 November, 2016 07:51









ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that SC has said they got so many documents that they might have to make a commission to look into them. He said that PTI has requested to the Sc to adjudicate the case herself. He said that the SC has adjudicated the cases against Benazir Bhutto and Wali Khan on the basis of the newspaper reports.

He said that transparency international has said that 12 billon dollars benefit has been given by selling Port Qasim land on cheaper rates.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that PTI accused Sharif family for money laundering and tax evasion but they are not talking about it in the court.

He said that if Shahid Khan has the evidence about Panama Leak he should come to Pakistan and present it to the court.

He said that he challenges Mohammad Zubair that he will bring the documents Port Qasim land was not sold below the market value.

He said that SC decision should be accepted without ifs and buts does not matter who the decision goes against.

SHAHID KHAN JOURNALIST FROM LONDON said that the names of Mian Sharif and Nawaz Sharif are in the documents of Al Toufeeq Trust. He said that the money demanded from Nawaz Sharif was of the loan that was right off. He said that Sharif family had close relationship with Qazi family of London. He said that Qazi family accusing Sharif family that bank accounts were opened by them in their names without their consent.

SAIF U REHMAN CLOSE FRIEND OF NAWAZ SHARIF said that his relationship with Hamd Bin Jasim is from last forty years and he is also his business partner. He said that the contract of power plant at Port Qasim is in the possession of Al Sani family he has nothing to with it. He said that Sheikh Hamd can not give a concocted letter to anybody his letter about London property is based on true facts. He said that Hamd Bin Jasim invests his money in the real estate and there is nothing wrong in it. He said that he and Sheikh Hamd have no connection with the agreement of LNG it is between the governments of Pakistan and Qatar.


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