1 December, 2016 11:20











He said that Nawaz Sharif said in the parliament that he has documentary proof that how he bought the flats in London. He said that today in the court when the judge asked for money trail they could not produce anything. He said that Maryam Nawaz said that she has no property overseas and also she did not mention her property in 2012. He said that Sharif family is now telling hundred lies to cover their one lie. He said that when Nawaz Sharif delivered his speech in the parliament he did not know that PTI will take the case to the SC. He said that when Nawaz Sharif addressed to the parliament opposition was negotiating about TORs with the government. He said that Khawaja Asif suggested in the parliament to Nawaz Sharif to stay quite on Panama leak and people will forget about it. He said when Nawaz Sharif could not provide money trail he dragged Qatari prince in the case.

He said that first Sharif family excluded the names of NELSON and NESCON from their documents but today that added up these companies in their documents again. He said that the court really grilled the Sharif family layer on the letter of Qatari prince. He said that the court understood today that Sharif family did not get any money from their mills in Dubai. He said that if Panama case is proven in the court not only Nawaz Sharif government will go home but he will go to the jail as well. He said that if the Panama case decision comes against him it will not harm him because he is opposition and his job is to point out the corruption of the government. He said that if anyone from the opposition is involved in corruption the government is not supposed to accuse him but arrest him.

He said that he bought his flat in London in 1983 and he has mentioned it in his assets why the government is mentioning it now. He said that if he has done the corruption the government should not accuse hi but arrest him. He said that he was playing county cricket in England in 1983 and has all the proof that how he bought the flat in London. He said that when he will go to the court regarding his off shore company he will show that what money trail should be like. He said that he bought his Bani Gala House with legal money. He said that if he comes in the government he will not accuse anyone for corruption but will put in jail.

He said that new army chief has great onus of responsibility on his shoulders he will face great internal challenges. He said that the ways Raheel Sharif fought against terrorism and did not interfere in the politics people of Pakistan are praising him. He said that it was decided in national action plan that no group will be allowed to carry weapons but it has not been acted upon in Punjab.

He said that PTI lawyer Naeem Bukhari said in the court today that chairman NAB should be put in jail he has all the documents of Panama leak but he did not take any action. He said that chairman NAB is accomplice of the government and he will not act against them.

He said that as long Panama case is not decided his party will not go to the parliament. He said that it will be unethical that the PM is accused for corruption and his party attending the parliament under his charge. He said that PTI will accept any decision of the court on Panama Leaks.

He said that it does not make any difference whether Zardari stays out or comes back to the country. He said that even being out side the country Zardari is the one controlling his party. He said that Zardari does not want the accountability of Nawaz Sharif even though PPPP will be the beneficial if Nawaz Sharif is held accountable. He said that Khursheed Shah is DOUBLE SHAH ha speaks against the government but fro inside he is on the government side.

He said that he prays to Allah (SWT) that the court takes the decision on Panama leak in next three hearings.





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