14 December, 2016 10:31









SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that he told his party chairman many times that the parliament is not the part of the government we should go there. He said that the parliament is the forum where people send us after electing in the elections. He said that SC has confessed that NAB, FBR and other institutions have been failed. He said that the PPPP leaders have corruption charges on them are talking against the corruption. He said that as long there will be no zero tolerance against the corruption nothing can be changed.

He said that the SC went on holidays before the holidays decisions always come against the weaker. He said that the government should bring the bill to correct the judicial system PTI will cooperate.

He said that the PM speech in the parliament was a written statement and he consulted his lawyers prior to his address. He said that the PM lawyer said in the curt that PM speech in the parliament was a political statement.

GENERAL (R) AJAZ AWAN DEFENSE AND POLITICAL ANALYST said that the credit goes to the army for pointing out the connection between the finance and terrorism. He said that the army will go as far as possible against the corruption but eventually it the government that has to be functional. He said that the military courts sentenced the criminals but the courts are not letting them be punished. He said that one man was declared innocent by the court whereas he was already been hanged to death.

He said that the decision on Panama would have been taken by the Sc but they did not do so.

He said that the PM was clearing the allegation in his speech in the parliament under which his whole family is maligned.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that PTI decision to come back in the parliament is right boycotting was not right. He said that parliament is the place where the problem f the corruption can be resolved not on the streets. He said that whenever a problem will be discussed in the parliament it will have its effects.

He said that there is freedom of opinion in the parliament and nobody is answerable whatever he says on the floor.

He said that it was not necessary to mention the letter of the Qatari prince in the speech of the PM in the parliament.


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