2 February, 2017 11:27









MOTHER OF MOHAMMAD UMER MATEEN said that her son went to Dubai in 2004 but after that there is no news about his whereabouts. She said that the Pakistani consulate in UAE misbehaved with them and cursed them. She said that Umer Mateen is his baby son and his daughter is four years old now. She said that they went everywhere to seek help but no one helped them. She said that her family should be told about the whereabouts of his son he is alive or not. She said that they have spent all of their pension money and their condition was not bad like it is right now. She said that she appeals to the PM to meet her family to listen their problem.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that the problem of missing Umer Mateen is a humanitarian problem he will definitely talk to the foreign ministry about it.

He said that ISPR said that Hafiz Saeed is house arrested in the interest of the state we should have confidence in them. He said that our policies keep changing that creates the doubts.

He said that KPK government did the funding to Madrassa because Molana Sami Ul Haq helped in the campaign of polio and gave the drops to the children with his own hands. He said that the polio campaign was run smoothly after Molana Sami Ul Haq gave the drops to the children with his own hands. He said that the funding to Madrassa was done to bring them in the main stream and now modern subjects are being taught there.

He said that national action plan did not reach to the point it should have been.

He said that the news is that justice Azmat Saeed is well now and the hearing of Panama case will start from Monday. He said that the real issue in Panama case is evidence instead Sharif family brought a Qatari letter and now letter number two has come. He said that the money trail is bank transactions that have not been produces. He said that Sharif family says that Gulf steel was set with hundred percent bank loans it does not happen anywhere in the world. He said that Nawaz Sharif said in the parliament that he has all the evidence of money trail but instead he produced a Qatari letter in the court. He said that Hamd Sani is given the contract of a power project in Pakistan and also is allotted expensive LNG deal. He said that now a gift of horse is sent to Qatar in a special chartered plane.

RANA AFZAL OF PML-N said that he will do his best to find out the whereabouts of Umer Mateen and will do whatever is in his powers.

He said that he went to Paris everyone there was talking about Hafiz Saeed nobody was ready to listen his point of view their stand was very tough. He said that we defend Hafiz Saeed because there is no evidence against him. He said that if Pakistan interest is compromised because of me I should scarify for the country. He said that India has presented Hafiz Saeed issue very well to the world we did not defend ourselves.

He said that there is check and balance on Madrassa funding now and foreign funding is also included in it. He said that the concerned minister presented a report to the parliament on national action plan and it was debated too.

He said that the business of Sharif family was abroad their partner has given them a letter it is not the concern of third person.

He said that Qatari kind liked the horse how could it be sent other than a plane.



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