8 February, 2017 10:07









NAZ SHAH MEMBER BRITISH PARLIAMENT said that Scotland Yard has not terminated the investigations on Imran Farooq murder case they are underway. She said that she is continuously asking the questions about the money laundering case about Altaf Hussain to British interior ministry and they have to answer her.

LORD NAZIR MEMBER OF BRITISH HOUSE OF LORDS said that if the government of Pakistan would have been serious about Imran Farooq murder they should have handed over the accused to British government. He said that if RAW is involved in giving money to Altaf Hussain there is no criminal punishment for it this issue has to be resolved politically. He said that Pakistan ahs to provide evidence in order to arrest Altaf Hussain. He said that even if Altaf Hussain is handed over to Pakistan Britain will get guarantee that he will not be hanged because it is against the British law.

RANA TANVEER OF PML-N said that his government took action against the criminal element in politics in the nineties and doing the same right now.

He said that Zardari get away with Swiss case because of the loop holes of the laws in the country. He said that Islamabad had become the market of corruption during the government of PPPP.

MUSTAFA KHOKHAR OF PPPP said that the law and order system in our country is very poor no one is punished in the Model Town tragedy as yet. He said that no action is taken against the rich, powerful and the people in the government. He said that law in Pakistan is like the [poodle dog of powerful that they keep with them and Panama is a prime example of it.

He said that we should get rid of the extremist organizations the world is not going to isolate Pakistan it already has done it.

GENERAL AJAZ AWAN DEFENSE AND POLITICAL ANALYST said that Pakistan military is an institution its policy does not change because of one person’s departure. He said that today the army chief talked about the operation against the terrorism it is directly connected with Cpek.

He said that Altaf Hussain went to Britain as an asylum seeker today he has millions of pound property and half a million pounds were found from his house. He said that Scotland Yard does not want to take action against Altaf Hussain.

He said that dictators have their short comings but political people are elected by the people they should talk to the world in the interest of Pakistan. He said that martial law never been an option for Pakistan it is not and it never will be.

He said that no one is above the law if Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed have done something wrong they should be punished. He said that Washington Post reported yesterday that Pakistan has done wonders in the war against the terrorism.



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