22 February, 2017 11:58









SHAZIA MAREE OF PPPP said that there is another incident of terrorism we condemn it we will continue condemning terrorism because it is a wrong thing. She said that KPK police saved many lives today by sacrificing their lives in the line of the duty. She said that in two years no judicial reforms have been introduced and nothing has been done on witness protection law. She said that the military courts are the temporary solution they are not the permanent way in the democratic society. She said that our government is handing over all the matters in the hands of the military now common crimes have also been included in the new draft of the military courts. She said that people from all over the country go to visit Lal Shahbaz shrine and no government official has visited the shrine after the terrorist attack yet.

She said that SC told the chairman of NAB that his position is constitutional he should have not taken any pressure in performing his duties.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the military got lot of success in the operation against the terrorists but civil side has done nothing so far. He said that it is always hard for the government of PML-N to get along with the military. He said that he supports Pak army strikes inside Afghanistan against the terrorists but it has its aftermaths also. He said that India can use the Pak army operation inside Afghanistan as an excuse for its adventure against Pakistan. He said that we got the news of operation Zarb-e-Azb through the message of ISPR but the government is trying to take the credit of it. He said that if you are powerful there is no law that can punish you in Pakistan. He said that most powerful man of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is sitting as PM and nobody can touch him. He said that no action was taken against Nawaz Sharif during Musharaf government because he asked for pardon and left the country. He said that Sharif family says that they bought London flats in 2006 but Ishaq Dar submitted its cheques in 2000 in his statement.

MAIZA HAMEED OF PML-N said that the law and order situation has been improved because of god civil and military relationship. She said that there was no hospital at the distance of two hours at Sehwan Sharif after the suicidal blast to take the wounded.

She said that PM has presented himself for accountability in Panama case.



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