23 February, 2017 11:58









JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that Pak army decision to start operation against the terrorists in the whole of the country is good the operation should be launched wherever the terrorists are working. He said that in South of Punjab the minimum amount is being spent on education as compare to the rest of the province. He said that the facilitator should be punished equally like the terrorist because terrorism is not possible without his help. He said that the government has not moved forward even an inch on judicial reforms decisions made by the political parties under national action plan. He said that the institutions have been destroyed they do not take action against the powerful. He said that SC asked to the chairman NAB that why he did not appeal against the decision about Nawaz Sharif and he said he will did not and he will not. He said that the comments of the judge of SC show his frustration on incapability of the institutions. He said that the court hearings of last few days show that it will be a unanimous decision. He said that first Sharif family said that Maryam is trusty now after PTI gave legal opinion they changed their stance that she was the owner for six months. He said that the law that will implement on Nawaz Sharif should be implemented on Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen and every member of the parliament. He said that the time has come to make big decisions otherwise Pakistan cannot move forward.

GENERAL AJAZ AWAN DEFENSE AND POLITICAL ANALYST said that General Qamar Bajwa has made biggest decision of operation Radd-Ul-Fasad after becoming the army chief and he supports his decision. He said that the military will lead the operation in Punjab and the ranger will assist them. He said that now Insha Allah every point of the national action plan will be made implemented. He said that his suggestion is that children of Madrassa should go home in the evening so the enemies of the country could not lure them into the terrorism. He said that Indian RAW and Afghan NDCS are behind the terrorism inside Pakistan.

IRFAN QADIR FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL OF Pakistan said that the formation of the military courts is a proof of the Failure of our judicial system. He said that the government military and all the patriotic institutions should try to make the judiciary effective. He said that SC judge comment that NAB has been died is impropriate. He said that Panama case is very clear the SC has taken too much time. He said that the SC has the case of corruption and disqualification of the PM. He said that SC should give a detailed decision instead of the short one because they have heard the case thoroughly. He said that now Nawaz Sharif has only one way of survival that he himself should appear infront of the court to clarify his position. He said that the SC has threw the letter of Qatari prince out it is worthless. He said that he hopes that the decision on Panama will be according to the law and Sc will restore its reputation.



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