24 February, 2017 11:42










TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that army chief statement against India was a statement of a soldier it should have been the way it was. He said that the PM said that Pakistan and India should not make trouble for each other. He questioned that the PM should have said that Pakistan and India should create trouble for each other? He said that the PM has to give statement keeping internal and regional situation in mind. He said that Kalbhosh Yadev is in the custody of our agencies and they are draining information from him. He said that Pakistan political parties have non-serious attitude towards the foreign policy they should come up with solid suggestions instead of criticism.

GENERAL GHULAM MUSTAFA DEFENSE AND POLITICAL ANALYST said that there is no doubt that India is responsible for the situation inside Pakistan right now. He said that the PM gave the statement to please the world he should have defended Pakistan. He said that if we will not defend Pakistan at international level nobody will listen to us. He said that Pakistan need to remove its internal weaknesses and accept the fact that India is our enemy.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he has not heard the name of India spy Kalbhosh Yadev as yet from the mouth of Nawaz Sharif. He said that the PM statement that Pakistan and India should not create trouble for each other is like confession that Pakistan is making trouble against India. He said that a former Indian general recently said that India has to bleed Pakistan in order to stop its support for Kashmir. He said that Nawaz Sharif is a merchant and is still talking about the trade with India in his statement after so much bloodshed by India in Pakistan. He said that the PM is not showing the leadership he is one step behind the Indian policy in the world against Pakistan. He said that Islamic world is not supporting Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir only China is standing with us. He said that had India caught a Pakistani serving officer spy like Pakistan did India was going to get Pakistan declared a terrorist country from UNO by now. He said that a foreign minister should be appointed right away and the issue of Indian terrorism in Pakistan should be highlighted in the world.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that one wounded in the Lahore blast told that four gas cylinders were brought to the location three were kept at ground floor and one was taken to the upper level. He said that there is no confirm conclusion of the cause of the blast as yet it will be determined after the investigations.

He said that the facilitator of Lahore mall road explosion said that only three or four people were aware of his criminal activities. He said that if the PSL final is held in Lahore fool proof security will be provided for it. He said that the facts of today blast will be kept in mind before deciding to hold PSL final in Lahore.



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