14 March, 2017 10:13










He said that accusations about MQM were right or wrong but one thing is true that party’s impression was not good. He said that the attitudes of the party workers also contributed to its bad reputation. He said that on 22nd of August all the binderies were crossed when Altaf Hussain said that he will seek help from anybody to disintegrate Pakistan. He said that his party has driven a line between its past and now that will never go back to the routine of the past.

He said that his party workers are being arrested and told that if they will join a certain party they will be let go. He said that this thing will fail his party efforts to deviate from its past. He said that it is the biggest lie that eight or nine MQM Pakistan members of assembly want to join PSP and he is not letting them to go. He said that seventy to eighty percent workers and ninety eight percent voters are in his favor. He said that his party consists of educated people and do not believe in the politics of violence.

He said that he welcomes Pervez Musharaf he helped MQM to become a main stream party of the country. He said that Pervez Musharaf wants to form a new political party and wants MQM and PSP to dissolve their parties into his new party. He said that Pervez Musharaf can join MQM but we have no position for him that he can fill in the party.

He said that his party has made many efforts to meet Murad Ali Shah but so far has not succeeded. He said that Waseem Akhter has cleaned up fifteen UC’s of Karachi in hundred days now there are no more resources to the job any further. He said that if Waseem Akhter is given authority he can clean the whole city.

He said that PM comes to Karachi whispers in the ear of the CM say something inaugurate a motorway and goes back. He said that the PM is only focus on Punjab because he knows that it is essential to keep the power in the center.

He said that the information should be gathered from the residents as well along with the intelligence agencies in order to keep a lasting peace in Karachi. He said that the crime rate has dropped because of the operation in Karachi but the real challenge is sustainability. He said that extortion and China cutting is still going on in Karachi and he will reveal who is doing it in some other program. He said that marriage halls are being built on government land even today.

He said that he asked twenty three questions to the head of the census project but has not received any answer as yet. He said that rural areas population increase is shown larger than Karachi in the recent past. He said that the population grown in the big cities and not in the rural areas the answer should be justified.

He said that the decision of Panama should be such that it should strengthen the democracy in the country. He said that the next elections also depend on the decision of the Panama case.



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