16 March, 2017 09:06









SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML said that first of all Abotabad commission report should be released after the statement of Hussain Haqani. He said that Hussain Haqani issued sixteen thousand visas as ambassador in America and Nargis Sethi was also involved. He said that when Hussain Haqani came to Pakistan he was given the security of the president and PM. He said that the month of March is very sensitive Memo gate scandal has also surfaced besides Panama leaks. He said that Yousuf Raza Gillani gave a very important statement today that who excluded the name of Hussain Haqani from ECL? He said that it is a weakness of Zardari from inception that whatever America wants get it and Kayani needed the extension. He said that he believes that there is no difference between Memo gate and DAWN leaks the motive of both was to defame Pakistan military.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that PPPP government in 2003 was formed in the result of an American deal that is why Zardari was helping America. He said that Pakistani politicians instead of the raising their stature try to defame the military. He said that Nawaz Sharif is PM of Pakistan for last almost four years now all the agencies are under his powers why he did not punished the responsible of Memo gate scandal. He said that Abotabad commission report should be presented in the parliament even if in camera session is required for it. He said that DAWN leaks report should also be presented in the parliament it was said that it will take only three days but now it has been four and half months.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that Nawaz Sharif did not back off Memo gate scandal he himself appeared infront of the SC on this case. He said that Memo gate scandal went into the shadow because Husain Haqani left the country. He said that the government cannot arrest the whole leadership of PPPP because of the one article of Hussain Haqani. He said that the government will care about the technical points of Memo gate scandal but morally PPPP leaders should present some clarification.

He said that when PM takes the oath it included that he will kept the secrets of the state.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that Abotabad commission report should be made public it will explain the DAWN leaks a lot. He said that Husain Haqani raised the issue of Memo gate to divert the attention from DAWN leaks. He said that PPPP has no objection if it is investigated that who else signed the papers to issue the visas to Americans.



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