29 March, 2017 10:03









NAJAM WALI DG MEIDA RAILWAYS said that five hundred and three accidents have been recorded in last three years but smaller incidents like engine failure are also counted. He said that whenever an accident takes place the responsible are punished by railways.

SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI OF PML-N said that the accidents do take place it is normal the real issue is to know the reasons of the accidents.

He said that the government should take action if the children are tortured.

He said that Sindh government objection is not right that the federal government is giving priority to Punjab in the gas schemes. He said that the government has only allocated funds to the gas department and it has been done in the past as well. He said that the gas department makes its own planning that where it needs to start a new scheme.

He said that special decisions are taken in special circumstances we needed some system like military courts to punish the terrorists. He said that there are examples in the world that judges have adjudicated the cases in the jails wearing veils on their faces.

NAYYAR BUKHARI OF PPPP said that railways should tell that how many people responsible for accidents have been punished so far. He said that it is surprising that railways have accepted five hundred and three accidents in last three years.

He said that parents do send their children to work at homes because of the poverty. He said that Razia is tortured and there are laws in Pakistan to punish the responsible. He said that when the children are tortured the government should become the guardian of the child and punish the responsible.

He said that CCI meeting should be called to resolve the issue of gas projects in Punjab.

He said that civil courts conversion rate to punish the terrorists is not very good in Pakistan. He said that the decision extending the military courts is extraordinary the government did not take the necessary steps it was supposed to be in last two years.

FARRUKH SALEEM POLITICAL SCIENTIST said that the railways performance has been improved in last few years but appointments in Pakistan are made on the basis of loyalty rather than the ability. He said that the institutions are supposed to implement the laws but in Pakistan the institutions work for the interest of the government instead of the people. He said that the governments want everything under their control. He said that the soul of the regulatory authority is freedom and taking the freedom away is like taking it soul away from the authority. He said that international institutions were ready to give billions of rupees to regulatory authorities but they walked away when they were given under the control of the ministries.

He said that if the military courts are constituted because of the failure of the civil justice system then education, electricity and water problems should also be handed over to the military.



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