12 April, 2017 11:20










NIHAL HASHMI OF PML- said that Indian minister Subramnium statement that if Pakistan will punish Kalbhoshan India will recognize Balochistan as an independent country is a Hindu Ekta mentality. He said that Modi said that Indian blood and role in the establishment of Bangladesh was also included. He said that Indian leader’s statements prove that their country is involved in terrorism against Pakistan and providing the terrorists the base camp. He said that if India will talk about the separation of Balochistan Pakistan will also provide base camps to the separation movements of Kashmir, Nagaland, Asama and Indian Punjab. He said that Khawaja Asif has given befitting reply to India on Kalbhoshan Yadev issue. He said that Nawaz Sharif talked in the UNO about Indian terrorism in Pakistan bluntly. He said that PM has said today that India should not consider Pakistan desire for peace as weakness. He said that it not necessary that the PM should give the statement on every issue.

He said that a big builder is also involved in china cutting in Karachi and some of the politicians are also partners in his business. He said that Sindh government supports the powerful instead of the weaker.

SHAZIA MAUREE OF PPPP said that when Modi talked on Bangladesh the government could not even present a resolution in the parliament against him it was presented by the opposition. She said that the PM does not come to the parliament if will talk on India in the parliament the opposition will support him. She said that we are so upset on Indian attitude but we have to talk about it on TV shows instead of the parliament. She said that she will never invite a popinjay person like Modi to her home knowingly that he is trying to harm our country.

She said that demolishing the school is a bad thing and she will not defend such an evil move. She said that Sindh government has said that the responsible will be severely punished. She said that Karachi cannot be single out for land mafia problem Joseph colony Lahore incident was caused by the land mafia as well.

MUSTAFA KAMAL OF PSP said that he is giving dharna for last six days on his sixteen points and it is not a joke. He said that the people of Karachi do not have drinking water K-4 project should be started immediately. He said that Sindh government has spent nine hundred and six billion rupees on education and health in last five years. He said that there are not nine new schools or hospitals despite of the spending of such a huge amount. He said that one of his party’s demand out of sixteen points is that whoever grabs personal or government land should be sentenced for at least five years prison in jail.



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