12 May, 2017 11:33










SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that back channel talks are done in the world but there is a way to do it, the governments appoint people for the negotiations. He said that back door diplomacy means is to keep the things secret as long they are not confirmed. He said that first it was said that Sajan Jindal meeting with the PM was personal but now army chief has been taken into the confidence on it. He said that there is a big gap between the meeting of Jindal with the PM and today why now army chief has been taken into the confidence? He said that it should be told whether Jindal brought some kind of message or he threatened Pakistan. He said that as Jindal goes back India takes Kalbhoshan issue to the international court and asks for the counselor excess. He said India wants to humiliate Pakistan infront of the international media as much as possible. He said that Indian defense minister has threatened Pakistan for surgical strike and he is insisting on the first one as well.

He said that Nawaz Sharif meeting with Modi in Lahore was not sudden as well it must have been planned before. He said that India has refused counselor excess to Pakistan at least in sixty cases. He said that interior minister has said today that DAWN Leaks was no issue it was inflated beyond its boundaries. He said that if DAWN Leaks was no issue why JIT was formed on it. He said that it is still unknown that who was responsible for DAWN Leaks.

He said that booty mafia is openly working in Pakistan and the institutions have been ineffective.

SHAZIA MARI OF PPPP said that Pakistan wants to live with peace with the hostile neighbor like India that has changed as compared to the past. She said that the PM may do not ell that what was the menu of the meeting with Jindal but its details should not be kept secret. She said that no government official was present in the meeting of Nawaz Sharif with Modi in Lahore who could give the details of the meeting. He said that if the government will meet with Jindal in the current situation of the country the questions will arise.

She said that DAWN Leaks lacks transparency the nation is not considered able to share the truth about it.

She said that booty mafia is active in the country since long time. She said that good thing that now action is being taken against booty mafia and is a step in right direction.

DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that according to his information the PM meeting with Jindal was personal and no national issue was involved in it. He said that Imran Khan went to India along with Jahangir Tareen in the aircraft of Malik Riaz and met with Modi. He said that Imran Khan and other leaders have personal friends in India. He said that India will not be given counselor excess to Kalbhoshan there was a bilateral pact signed in 2008 between the two countries.

He said that all the institutions of national security were part of the JIT on DAWN Leaks. He said that the suggestions JIT recommended are put infront of the nation.

He said that he can criticize Sindh government on cheating in the exams but he will not do so it is a much deepened problem.

KHAWAJA NAVEED SSP CTD said that inquiry against Sindh booty mafia is like searching for needle in the garbage. He said that many groups are involved to help in the cheating of the exams. He said that when investigations done about how the examination paper goes out was found that education board system is faulty. He said that examination paper is never out without the help of the staff of the education board. He said that India phone numbers are used to leak out the examination paper. He said that he has caught examination papers from booty mafia that were leaked out from the board of the education.