16 May, 2017 10:31










NIHAL HASHMI OF PML-N said that when a treaty is signed between the two countries each one wants to take maximum advantage. He said that nothing is final on Cpek as yet. He said that DAWN news should have waited before publishing the article to let the things finalized. He said that the CMs of the four provinces are also visiting China with PM and things will be finalized with consultation.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that Chinese ambassador in an interview in India was asked that China puts Pakistan first in everything but he said no his country puts china first. He said that our government is supposed to watch the micro things and care about the interest of Pakistan in the project of Cpek. He said that Cpek is a very good project and will be very beneficial for Pakistan. He said that many Chinese companies that are working in Pakistan are banned in China. He said that the contracts of Nandipur and solar power projects are given to such companies that are banned in China. He said that if all the labor, engineers and construction material will come from China how Pakistan will be benefitted by Cpek project. He said that if China invests in the agriculture what Pakistan will gain out of it should be considered. He said that China president is talking drastic steps against the corruption in his country we need to do the same.

SHAZIA MARI OF PPPP said that Ahsan Iqbal called the article DAWN Leaks 11 it means he accepts the first one. She said that the government needs to be transparent in the things it does then we will not need and leaks anymore. He said that Nadeem Javed is giving pretty much same kind of details about the Cpek project as the article in DAWN news. She said the project that has been presented shows a win win situation for China what is in the benefit of Pakistan in it?

NADEEM JAVED CHIEF ECONOMIST OF THE GOVERNMENT said that DAWN news has published the article without confirming the details of the project. He said that Pakistan is asked to prepare a study report that how it can produce economical products. He said that Pakistan has finalized a plan that has twenty one steps. He said that the project has agriculture, tourism, industrial cooperation and financing arrangements. He said that Pakistan has focused on creating employment for its people the most. He said that twenty percent top management is from China but eighty percent labor is from Pakistan in the Cpek projects. He said that the industrial cooperation with china has been increases and in July and December Pakistan will be able to overcome the energy problem.

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