9 June, 2017 10:18











He said that when JIT was announced PML-N distributed sweets. He said that it has been proved that institutions cannot work in the presence of Nawaz Sharif. He said that PML-N is working on a planned effort to make the JIT controversial. He said that PML-N was never held accountable now it is happening so they are upset. He said that in his opinion SC should tell Nawaz Sharif to resign. He said that he is thinking to go to the SC to request that the court should tell Nawaz Sharif to step down. He said that from the days of gymkhana cricket Nawaz Sharif is used to play the match with the help of the umpires but this time he is in trouble. He said that Qatari prince helped Nawaz Sharif sons buying flats and in starting their business but no receipt is available.

He said that he declared his Bani Gala property and London flats in the elections of 2002. He said that PML-N filed cases against him to keep his mouth shout but he has complete evidence. He said that Bani Gala land was bought in the name of Jamaima and its receipts have been found.

He said that he goes overseas and collect the funds from overseas Pakistanis. He said that he has submitted the complete audit report of his party funding in the elections commission in 2011 and it was accepted. He said that PML-N takes party funds from big businessmen in Pakistan.

He said that as long people from big political families will not join PTI it will be difficult to win the elections. He said that nine hundred electoral tickets have to be given and it is impossible to find that many honest people. He said that if the head of the party is honest no one can do the corruption. He said that there is only one way to get rid of the corruption and that is to make the institutions strong and autonomous.

He said that he can predict that Nawaz Sharif will manhandle JIT. He said that if Nawaz Sharif will attack on SC this time PTI will come out on the streets. He said that in his opinion elections will be held this year and PTI is ready for it.

He said that Israel has a plan to divide the Muslim world but Pakistan should not become the part of it. He said that Pakistan should play its role to unite the Muslim world.

He said that terrorism in Afghanistan is indigenes and it has huge Indian influence. He said that Afghanistan accuses Pakistan as scapegoat.

He said that the way Nawaz Sharif was ignored in Saudi Arabia that is lamenting.

He said that no problem of the country has been solved by PML-N government except for TV adds.

He said that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan the team he germinated won the world cup. He said that India domestic cricket system has been improved because of the IPL. He said that there is no country in the world where PM of the country appoints the chief of the cricket board. He said that Nawaz Sharif has destroyed every institution in Pakistan.



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