13 June, 2017 11:19










NABEEL GABOL OF PPPP said that he does not feel that JIT can work in the current situation. He said that one picture of Hussain Nawaz was leaked and one will leak of Nawaz Sharif the day he will appear before JIT. He said that once Ch Nisar said that he has the video of Dr Asim statement infront of the IT if his video can be made why not Sharif family. He said that the PML-N leaders the foul language they use against JIT is dictated them from PM house. He said that nothing will come against Nawaz Sharif in the report of JIT.

SHIBLI FARAZ OF PTI said that PTI is saying from inception that the institutions cannot work freely under the authority of Nawaz Sharif. He said that PML-N is trying to make JIT controversial but it did not happen. He said that PML-N appoints its loyalists in different institutions and they work for the interest of their party. He said that the time has come that the corruption of Sharif family should be revealed to the people of Pakistan.

MAIZA HAMEED OF PML-N said that SC never accused that the institutions are tempering the record but JIT is doing so. She said that all the record was in the custody of Musharaf he might have done it. She said that JIT is pressurizing the people to become the approver against Sharif family. She said that the JIT wants to drag the case by accusing Sharif family.

AETZAZ AHSAN OF PPPP said that when Sajjad Ali Shah was going to announce the verdict against Nawaz Sharif he asked to give him seven days and meanwhile PML-N attacked on the SC. He said that Ch Nisar said that DAWN leaks report will be out in four days but it did not PML-N try to buy the time. He said that Nawaz Sharif tax return for 1995, 96 and 97 was 0, 477 and 0 and according to his information that record has been tempered. He said that Sharif family is the darling and spoiled children of the corrupt system of our country. He said that Shahbaz Sharif called Hussain Nawaz a child and that child has three wives and nine children.



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