10 August, 2017 10:49










He said that the decision of going Nawaz Sharif through GT road was taken on the wish of the party. He said that as the rally will move forward the crowd will mount up. He said that the people have not accepted the decision of SC against Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nawaz Sharif will go into the review of the decision of SC it will be full bench and hopefully a better decision will be given. He said that the party has to decide his term but it has decided to keep him as PM for the rest of the time.

He said that paying taxes is not an option it is duty without paying taxes the country become weaker. He said that the parliamentarians have to set example by paying taxes if they will not pay nobody will. He said that we can learn details about the property, vehicles and expenses of anybody. He said that he has no off shore company and has no property in foreign country. He said that the money that has been invested in Dubai in last for years we have to see that how it was transferred there.

He said that there is lot of ambiguity in 62 and 63 we need to correct this law. He said that there is no law about Aqama in the country a section of the constitution interprets it. He said that if the decision against Nawaz Sharif on the bases of Aqama is applied on others majority of the parliamentarians will be affected by it.

He said that the party has to decide about the new party head but for the people it is Nawaz Sharif. He said that there is no conflict between Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif but some people have desire for it. He said that Ch Nisar has assured him his support but denied to accept any ministry because has openly said that he will not become minister anymore.

He said that Nawaz Sharif has thirty years experience whereas he has only four he needs bigger cabinet. He said he will emphasize on economy and creating new jobs. He said that when PML-N took over the power the country was at the verge of the default but now the situation is much better.

He said that the government and the military this country belongs to everyone and we all have to serve it. He said that he talked everything in the meeting with General Qamar Javed Bajwa and we do not have to leave the impression that we are two different parties. He said that we have to protect our sovereignty before deciding about Afghan policy and we have to fight against terrorism as well. He said that the Syrian situation has affected every country. He said that he cannot call India a friendly country as long the problem of Kashmir is not solved. He said that we have learned that Daesh is present in Afghanistan and getting support from there. He said that he talked to Afghan president about terrorism.

He said that his government gave peace to Karachi and now has to work on the economy of the city and create more jobs. He said that his government will fulfill all the demands of the Karachi MQM supported the government in the election of the PM. He said that the government will resolve the problem of water for Karachi.

He said that ha announced that load shedding will be over in November 2017 and he still stands on his statement.

He said that every political party is afraid touching the law of NAB that it might give the impression that this party wants to avoid the accountability. He said that NAB laws are against the justice this law was formed by a dictator. He said that the NAB has been used against PML-N only it should be changed but with consensus.


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