25 August, 2017 10:38










KHAWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF FOREIGN MINISTER said that the way Pakistan has asked America to take action against the terrorists inside Afghanistan has never been done in the past. He said that Pakistan said that if there are some terrorists among Afghan refugees the best solution is to repatriate them. He said that America should let us know where the Haqani are take our helicopter go with us and we will take action against them. He said that there are three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan calling Pakistan safe haven of terrorists because of handful of people is not fair. He said that there are sanctuaries of terrorists in Afghan provinces of Pakitia, Kunnar and KHost and they are involved in terrorism inside Pakistan. He said that Pakistan got great success with grace of Allah against Daesh alongside Afghan border in operation Khyber Four where Daesh has come from? He said that there is the presence of Daesh in at least seven provinces of Afghanistan.

He said that there is increase of drug production in Afghanistan of thirty seven hundred percent and hundred billion drugs are being smuggled to the world from there. He said that Pakistan intelligence agencies have complete information about Daesh and with the help of Allah we are taking care of them. He said that if America could not get success with hundred thousand soldiers how they can succeed with twelve thousand personals.

He said that he was going on the visit of America but now he has postponed it and going to China and Russia. He said that he went to Russia five times in last for years and our relationship with them has blossomed. He said that he is going to Iran as well that is one of the stake holder in Afghanistan.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that in past American congress and senate used to use tough language against Pakistan but not the executive but this time they are all on same page. He said that America will soon realize that they are making mistake. He said that Hamid Karzai said that American policy is not in the interest of Afghanistan and it will not bring peace either. He said that if India has become a close ally of America Russia wants to be friendly to Pakistan as well. He said that Khawaja Asif took right step by postponing the visit of America. He said that we do not have to fight with America but should not be submissive as well. He said that Pakistan told America that there is no common border between India and Afghanistan and we are directly affected by Indian presence there. He said that Pakistan will never accept Indian presence in Afghanistan. He said that America accuses Pakistan for the presence of terrorists here but they are responsible for the terrorists on Afghan side as well. He said that Indian influence in Afghanistan is our red line and we will not let anybody tough it. He said that Pakistan cannot sacrifice its young blood to encounter Indian influence in Afghanistan. He said that the government should bring the issue of American policy on Afghanistan in the parliament and we will strengthen their hands. He said that it was the parliament that barred the deployment of Pakistani troops to Yemen otherwise we were going to be strangled there.

He said that Nawaz Sharif says that he is ousted by five people they are not any five people they the judges of the SC. He said that Nawaz Sharif says he will not appear before NAB the decision has already been written his comments are like the contempt of the court.

NAVEED QAMAR OF PPPP said that American statement that it gives Pakistan billions of dollars aid is a clumsy argument. He said that America is not giving much of the money under Collection Support Fund to Pakistan. He said that Daesh has collation in Afghanistan with Taliban and it is very dangerous matter for the future of Pakistan. He said that America wants to use Pakistan as scapegoat and we should be prepared for it.

He said that when there is the question of the security of the country all the political parties become united. He said that PPPP has asked to call joint session of the parliament sp we could show our unity to the world.

He said that all those things that were wrong during the government of PPPP have become right now.

MALIK AHMED KHAN OF PML-N said that it is surprising that America wants to have relationship with Pakistan on the bases of handful of the terrorists. He said that there is apprehensive. He said that one of the reasons of American threat is Pakistan friendship with China.

He said that it is not correct calling the speeches of Nawaz Sharif against the judiciary. He said that talking about the reasoning of the decision is not against the judiciary. He said that he admits PML-N point of view on the ousting of Yousuf Raza Gillani was not right.



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