16 January, 2018 10:46

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DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that it seems that Zainab case is of serial killer and rapist but it does not means that he should not be caught. He said that the police is trying its best to arrest the culprit and will succeed soon. He said that TUQ has come from Canada we all know why he is here and who signaled him to come.

He said that eight people case has been registered against in Model Town Tragedy have been arrested. He said that it was police that ordered to open the fire in Model Town. He said that PTI ran the campaign of referendum.

NABEEL GABOL OF PPPP said that PPPP will stand with TUQ on Model Town Tragedy and the government will not be able to resist. He said that religious parties will also support the movement against the government. He said that opposition will shut Lahore.

He said that the government is saying that they have taken the DNA test of the whole neighborhood of Zainab but this is not the solution of the problem. He said that police has killed on youth in Karachi as well.

He said that there will be only one container of TUQ and all of his supporters will be on it. He said that if Imran Khan does not want to stand along Zardari he has to bring his own container.

He said that the government is worried about the reopening of the Hudabia paper mill case and collapse of their government in Balochistan. He said that Balochistan government has been ousted because of the corruption but the PM and Ahsan Iqbal is blaming the military.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that there will be one day protest on 17 and pressure will be put on Shahbaz Sharif to resign. He said that Punjab police hit people with bullets but is not aware that who ordered them to fire it is the state terrorism. He said that it has four years since Model Town Tragedy and police did not do anything five days after the disappearance of Zainab. He said that this government does not take any action until there is protest.

He said that PML_N and Pervez Rasheed want Pakistan where there should be no military. He said that PML-N challenges Pakistan military as they are Indian army.

DR TAHIR UL QADRI OF PAT said that the protest is going to start from 17th January and it can change into sit in. He said that the decision of sit is will be made in the meeting on tomorrow and the protest will be on the Mall road. He said that the next step of the protest will be announced on 17th. He said that the ultimate result of the protest will be that Punjab government will be removed.

He said that Imran Khan and Zardari both will address the protesters on 17th. He said that gathering Imran Khan and Zardari is not the motive instead there is one point agenda and that is Model Town.

He said that the protest will be within the limits of the constitution, law and peace.



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