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MUJEEB U REHMAN SHAMI JOURNALIST said that he and some senior journalists met with Nawaz Sharif on the invitation of Maryam Aurangzeb. He said that he Hafeez Ullah Niazi and Saleh Zafar advised Nawaz Sharif to go through GT road. He said that he told Nawaz Sharif that if he will go through Motor Way he will not be able to have contact with the people.

MOHSIN NAWAZ RANJHA OF PML-N said that a very interesting debate is going to start in Pakistan about the judges past. He said that so many judges never pay their taxes. He said that the judges took oath from Dogar Sahib actually sworn under PCO. He said that the judges should make their decisions if they will talk about them then the debate will start.

FAWAD CH OF PTI said that when judge talked about “Chor Uchaka” why Nawaz Sharif thought that he was talking about him? He said that when Iftikhar Ch used obscene words Nawaz Sharif used to like it. He said that Nawaz Sharif wants judges he could dictate otherwise he says they are against him. He said that so far what judges have commented it seems that 203 conflicts with the constitution. He said that Nawaz Sharif is disqualified but can nominate somebody for the parliament.

He said that Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha is talking about the taxes of the judges were they asleep for four years? He said that supplementary references are being filed because forgery in other case has been established also.

SALEEM MANDIWALA OF PPPP said that article 203 was passed from senate because of only one vote margin. He said that it was said that the SC will strike down article 203. He said that 203 was passed because some members of PPPP and PTI were absent from the parliament on that day. He said that one member of MQM voted in the favor of 203 which was not expected by anybody. He said that the government benefitted its allies to get their support on 203. He said that if judge talked about “Chor and Dakoo”why Nawaz Sharif thinks he was talking about him? He said that the Sc has struck down many articles in the past PML-n is worried about 203 just because it will affect them. He said that PPPP PM was ousted just for not writing the letter but he did not say a word of alas.

KINZA VICTIM OF BONE MARROW SCADAL said that she was asked how many siblings they are and if they are living in the rented house. She said that she told that they are five siblings and living in the rented house. She said that one woman put injection in her back but she does not know she took bone marrow or something else.


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