1 March, 2018 10:01








He said that when take the internal differences to the public it creates the misunderstandings. He said that he still consider Bahadur Abad Group his allies. He said that he could not understand the reasons of the differences with Amir Khan.

He said that he asked Waseem Akhter about the funds worth rupees 5.75 billion but he did not get any reply. He said that had twenty million rupees distributed at UC level it was going to resolve the problems. He said that he does not say that no corruption has been done there should be accountability.

He said that a Prado car was bought for him but he returned the money where it came from. He said that he will not talk that who paid for the Prado car.

He said that he was accused for corruption but the allegation is wrong. He said that he has blindly handed over the party to his opponents. He said that he did not do the lobbing had he done so two third of Rabita Committee was going to support him.

He said that he believes that election commission will listen to him and reject the point of view of his opponents. He said that the party and the sign of “PATANG” are still registered on his name. He said that eighteen out of twenty two MNA’s are with him.

He said that Kamran Tesoori was given membership of MQM on the recommendation of Amir Khan. He said that Kamran Tesoori was appointed as deputy convener of MQM Pakistan on the recommendation of Farogh Naseem he has the proof of it. He said that Farogh Naseem advised me to let some MPA go and make Kamran Tesoori MPA.

He said that he has no contact with Mustafa Kamal. He said that the style of Mustafa Kamal is very hostile and MQM workers will take some time to understand him.

He said that he recommended starting Karachi operation that if the criminals have joined political parties there should be operation against them. He said that he will give the credit to General Bilal and rangers for successful Karachi operation.

He said that he is not in contact with Dr Ishrat Ul Ibad.

He said that he sent Khawaja Izhar to meet with Pervez Musharaf but he says that he will die but will not join MQM. He said that Musharaf told Khawaja Izhar to make a new political party. He said that he told Musharaf to come and he will be given the role of big brother. He said that he does not like the decision of Musharaf to kill Akbar Bugti it created hate against Pakistan in Balochistan. He said that he did not support Musharaf decision of 12th of May and the people who supported it are not with me at the moment.

He said that he believes that workers are with him and he knows that what he has to do in the future.


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