2 March, 2018 10:52






He said that what he said in his speech in the national assembly was that all the institutions should respect each other and remain in their limits. He said that if the judiciary will do the job of the executive the things cannot move forward. He said that in Pakistan if the beaurocracy works it is accused. He said that the judiciary and all other institutions should interact with each other.

He said that the NAB ordinance was constituted by a dictator against the politicians. He said that no one t0ouches the NAB law fearing that media will pick on this thing. He said that there should be accountability of NAB as well. He said that there is no hope of justice from the NAB court. He said that NAB is summoning Nawaz Sharif twice a week.

He said that Ahad Cheema worked so well that hardly anybody else can work. He said that Ahad Cheema was picked from his office there are no charges against him but he is put behind the bars. He said that Dr Asim is accused for 450 billion rupees corruption but charges against him are filed last week after nineteen months. He said that we need serious reforms in the law of NAB otherwise it will harm the country.

He said that PML-N minister were forced to speak outside the court people were accusing PML-N outside the court. He said that courts decisions should not be discussed in public and media.

He said that it should be on the people to decide that the conviction of some person was right or wrong.

He said that the trust needed to be placed on Shahbaz Sharif and it will be placed with the passage of the time.

He said that he considers Dawn Leaks a non issue. He said that Dawn Leaks report should be made public. He said that people are asking me to make public the reports of Ojary camp incident and Hamood U Rehman commission.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif is the president of the PML-N and it will be decided in the party meeting after the elections that who will be the next PM if the party gets the majority. He said that his candidate for PM is Shahbaz Sharif he will vote for him.

He said that no party is more democratic than PML-N. He said that PML-N members are under pressure of the people to support the party.

He said that he will oppose those who will win the election of the senate by paying money they have no right to represent the people. He said that he will boycott those who will come into the senate spending money. He said that there is pressure of the people now nobody was daring to change his loyalties one PM was ousted and other sworn in within three days.

He said that seventy percent Pakistan’s name was in the gray or black list of the FATF list. He said that those people are talking about it who does not know what FATF is and how it works. He said that the inclusion of the name of the country is not the last word.

He said that 1st of June will be the last day of PML-N government and the budget will be prepared in the mid of the May.