6 March, 2018 09:38






SHAHEEN KHALID BUTT OF PML-N said that he was the captain in the military and he resigned in protest against the martial law of Zia Ul Haq. He said that he went to America after resigning and eversince he is living there. He said that he is still a citizen of Pakistan. He said that he was arrested at airport in America after 9/11 but there was no charge against him and he was released. He said that it was wrong that he was released on the bond of five hundred thousand dollars.

PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that every time people talk that members are bribed to vote for senate but never any proof has been provided. She said that if PPPP is accused to pay the money for the vote of senate Ch Sarwar also won the election in the same fashion. She said that whoever sells his vote actually does a black business. She said that MQM members had no other choice but to vote for PPPP their leader was making strange statements.

AJMAL WAZIR KHAN OF PML-Q said that there is no doubt that money is used to get the votes for senate election. He said that market is open and whoever has the money can buy votes for senate. He said that it is confirm that nineteen of PTI MPA’s voted for others because of accepting money and unconfirmed number is twenty two. He said that in KPK there was separate rate for technocrat and general seat of senate and according to his information rate was as high as forty million rupees. He said that if the members will vote for money they cannot criticize Imran Khan for cursing the parliament. He said that chairman NAB was appointed by PML-N and PPPP he will not work like Ahad Cheema and Fawad Hassan Fawad he is the servant of the state.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that there is the news that PTI members were bribed and party is investigating the matter. He said that if all the members had voted for party candidates PTI was going to win six seats of senate instead of five. He said that in Punjab thirty members of PTI voted for Ch Sarwar two joined PTI and voted in the favor. He said that PML-Q members also voted in the favor of Ch Sarwar. He said that if there will be temptation people will accept the money the system is need to be changed.

He said that SC has stated about the leader of Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha that he is neither Sadiq nor Ameen. He said that Nawaz Sharif is keep saying that why he was ousted he could not present any proof of his money except for the letter of Qatari prince.

MOHSIN NAWAZ RANJHA OF PML-N said that twenty of PML-N MPA’s from Punjab did not vote for the party candidates for senate. He said that PML-N members from South Punjab also did not vote for the party candidates. He said that PML-N will make coalition with those who have some ethics and principles. He said that the case of Ch Sugar Mill and others are retribution against PML-N and people do understand well.



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