8 March, 2018 08:22






KHALID MAQBOOOL SIDDIQUI OF MQM said that PML-N has put their options and we have ours in today’s meeting let see what happens. He said that it is the right of PPPP to bring the candidate for chairman senate of their choice. He said that no connection has been conducted with PPPP as yet MQM will talk to them keeping under consideration their past attitude. He said that horse trading cross all the limits this time if this trend stays it will be hard to get clean leadership in the country.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that PML-N has the majority in the senate at the moment. He said that PPPP is trying to bring their chairman for senate and PML-N is doing its upmost. He said that Raza Rabbani is a sober person and he manipulated the senate very well. He said that Saleem Mandiwala name will not be acceptable for PML-N. He said that no one can differ what Farhat Ullah Babar said in his speech in the senate today. He said that Farhat Ullah Baber expressed his apprehensions efforts are being made to make the state within state. He said that majority of the members voted for senate candidates by taking money.

He said that when election time comes suddenly conscious of the political parties come alive and later they go to London. He said that the debate of corruption and accountability is on because of the elections too.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that there is lot of services of Raza Rabbani for the democracy his name was proposed unanimously and it is a matter of proudness. He said that PPPP is talking to all the opposition parties for the chairman of senate including PTI. He said that PPPP is talking with Molana Fazal U Rehman as well.

He said that it is being said that PPPP bribed in Balochistan to get the votes for senate but there is no proof of it. He said that everybody knows about the behavior of Zahari elections are close and people are making the decisions keeping their future in minds. He said that in the past people used to do corruption secretly but now a day if someone has lot of money he is a respectable person.

ARIF AVLI OF PTI said that PTI in its meeting today considered that if chairman senate comes from Balochistan it will be wonderful. He said that PTI is in negotiations with MQM and other parties on the question of the chairman of senate. He said that because PTI is going after PML-N on corruption so no talks are possible with this party. He said that the talks about corruption are n9o ton because of the elections people are vigilant now. He said that he will give credit to PPPP for ruining MQM.



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