9 March, 2018 09:05






CM OF BALOCHISTAN ABDUL QADOOS BEZENJO said that Balochistan is a backward province and he is trying that this time chairman of senate should be from here. He said that he is thankful to Imran Khan that he honored Balochistan and offered his support for chairman senate from the province. He said that Asif Zardari is coming tonight and he will request him to offer his support for chairman of senate from Balochistan. He said that likeminded group thinking is to stay independent and working for the rights of Balochistan. He said that his group should be given credit because it was said that it is formed to postpone the election of senate by dissolving the assemblies of Balochistan and KPK. He said that no name for chairman of senate is decided yet let be decided first and then the name will be given.

He said that no one from Balochistan sold his vote for senate everything went smoothly.

He said that the way SC is being criticized it is not right if the decision comes in favor court is good otherwise bad. He said that when SC decision came against Yousuf Raza Gillani Nawaz Sharif said that he should go because this is the country of human beings and not of animals. He said that if the criticism against the institutions continues anything can happen.

RAZA HAYAT HIRAJ OF PTI said that there is nothing wrong if chairman of senate comes from Balochistan all the provinces have equal strength in the senate. He said that a man speaks of his background. He said that can Nihal Hashmi used the language he used against te4h judges infront of his children? He said that thank Allah Nihal Hashmi is disqualified otherwise he was going to be the next law minister of the country. He said that he is the barrister of law and he said that the SC will discard article 203 and the government will face humiliation. He said that if we had democracy in the country the government was going to say that you were right and they were wrong but it did not happen.

He said that SC judges are qualified from England and Justice Saqib Nisar is so competent that his legs used to tremble infront of him that he might say something wrong. He said that the government should be ashamed while talking against the SC. He said that it his promise to himself that he will not be afraid of any police officer or anybody else. He said that Imran Khan invited him to his party and he said that he will consult with the people of Kabirwala before making any decision.

He said that the way Punjab assembly voted in the favor Ishaq Dar to make him the senator is it the decision of their consciousness.

He said that Musharaf was a patriotic and not a corrupt person. He said that he is very proud that he served in the cabinet of Musharaf.

MALIK AHMED KHAN OF PML-N said that the party’s leadership has to decide about the chairman of senate Imran Khan has rendered his support for Balochistan. He said that Raza Rabbani ran the senate very well and PML-N offered their support for him but Asif Zardari did not approve it. He said that NAB law is wrong and this institution has given sweeping powers.

COLONEL (R) INAM RAHEEM said that he met with Fasih Bukhari and Qamar Zaman Ch for the trial against Musharaf but they advised him to go to the military authorities. He said that he met with Justice Javed and he said to him that what kind of evidence you have against Musharaf. He said that he told Justice Javed that Musharaf own book is evidence in which he said that he handed over so many people to America. He said that as president Musharaf was supposed to defend his people and to handover to other country it is treason. He said that Musharaf has a complete fleet of the cars and many bank accounts. He said that Justice Javed was agreed with him and he said that he has put three generals names in ECL already. He said that he requested to Justice Javed that there should be the accountability of the judges as well. He said that he is optimistic that the approval to start the case against Musharaf will be given this month.