20 March, 2018 09:22






SPOKE PERSON OF PERVEZ MUSHARAF DR AMJAD said that it has been decided for a while now that Musharaf will go back to Pakistan. He said that Musharaf will go back to Pakistan after consultation with his allies. He said that Musharaf has not imposed any condition to go back to Pakistan he only has asked for the security. He said that Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified but the government and the securities are still providing him security. He said that the government should say yet to provide security to Musharaf he has been attacked many times in the past. He said that Musharaf has appeared seven times infront of the courts he did not appear in Quetta because of the security reasons.

He said that the article six does not apply on Musharaf only Nawaz Sharif that is talking against the military and the judiciary also deserve it. He said that article six applies on Zahid Hamid as well because according to the constitution it applies on the culprit and his accomplices as well.

DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that if Musharaf comes to Pakistan the government will provide him security. He said that Musharaf gave guarantee to come back to Pakistan before he left.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif talked about the supremacy of the constitution in his statement today. He said that some people in PML-N have the opinion to slow down little bit because the destination is the same. He said that every three or four years new group of youth is introduced in the politics hoping that they will act in their control. He said that if someone talks about the supremacy of the constitution some people call it the conflict of the institutions.

CH SARWAR OF PTI said that in Pakistan the stature of the biggest violator’s of the law is measured with his actions. He said that accountability should be across the board even if someone belongs to the military judiciary or the politics. He said that Musharaf should come back and face the cases against him. He said that the courts decisions should also be accepted if the decisions come in favor they are called good otherwise it is called the conspiracy of the establishment.

He said that fifteen or twenty years ago if someone was victimized he used to call to the DC and they used to take action and report back that yes someone was actually victimized. He said that today DC and SP cover the interest of the MNA’s and MPA’s. He said that the institutions should be depoliticized otherwise Pakistan cannot progress. He said that Pakistan’s problems are deep rooted if we will not resolve water problem we will face a serious challenge.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that law should apply equally to all but in the case of Musharaf the SC was helpless. He said that Musharaf laid down on the bed in the hospital everybody knew he was not suffering with heart problem. He said that the talk of Musharaf return to Pakistan is on because Nawaz Sharif is saying that he is punished but Musharaf is walking free outside the country. He said that he does not believe that Musharaf will ever come back to Pakistan.

He said that Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif started their politics during the military rules but Bhutto challenged that system on his peak. He said that Nawaz Sharif was with the establishment even after he got the power.

He said that the public opinion is the biggest challenge in the West but we are lacking it. He said that we have institutions, judiciary, constitution and law but the masses are walking behind. He said that nobody is stopping the institutions to work they only cannot make laws of conflict of interest.


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