21 March, 2018 11:36






ZAEEM QADRI OF PML-N said that not a single penny of public money has been used in Ashiana housing scheme. He said that Saad Rafiq has submitted affidavit in SC that he has no connection with Paragon Company. He said that the Ulema of all sects are included in MMA it will help decreasing the sectarianism. He said that PML-N supports the revival of MMA.

He said that PML-N has never said that JUI (F) did not vote for them.

SHIBLI FARAZ OF PTI said that people joins politics to protect their wealth. He said that Saad Rafiq name is attached to Paragon Company for last ten years. He said that NAB should indict someone with proof so that nobody should get escaped.

He said that MMA is revived because they cannot compete against PTI in KPK individually. He said that the alliance is formed because of the elections but it will cause no harm. He said that Insha Allah PTI will continue its government in KPK after the elections first time in the history.

He said that Zaeem Qadri is trying to deny the truth PML-N own members did not vote for their candidate of senate.

He said that he will request to the people to vote for PTI this time they have tried PML-N and PPPP.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that PPPP has never any objection NAB taking action against anybody. He said that if there is proof action must be taken otherwise no media hype should be created. He said that NAB has different attitude against Sharjeel Memon and Dr Asim as compare to PML-N leaders. He said that the court is taking the report from the doctor of other province against Sharjeel Memon there is no such example in the world like it.

He said that he does not believe that huge projects like Bahria Town can go forward without approval. He said that the terrorism went on the rise during the government of MMA in KPK last time. He said that MMA will not be strong like in the past this time but they will win few seats. He said that general elections will held on time doubts were created at the time of the senate elections as well but nothing happened.

He said that the politicians have to make some decision on the issue of the money going abroad from Pakistan. He said that the people want some security for their money. He said that the money of Pakistanis cannot come back on the orders of the SC.

MOLANA AWAIS NOORANI OF MMA said that MMA believes that there is a new wave of extremism has been on the rise again. He said that religious powers should condemn extremism. He said that MMA has been reunited and will contest elections on the sign of the “Kitab” book. He said that short time left in the next elections asking JI and JUI (F) to pull out of the government will be useless.

ABDUL HAFEEZ PASHA OWNER OF THE GRAND HAYAT HOTEL BAHRIA TOWN said that some projects of Bahria Town are under investigation by NAB. He said that there are three partners of Grand Hayat hotel Bahria Town including him. He said that Khawaja Saad Rafiq once came and introduced them to Khawaja Asif. He said that there is no fraud in their project but some mistake is possible.


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