22 March, 2018 08:32






MOTHER OF RANA MUNIR KIDNAPPED MOLESTED AND KILLED said that she does not know who kidnapped her son molested him and killed. She said that her son went for Maghreb prayer but did not come back. She said that she is widow and has no support the person responsible for killing her son should be hanged to death.

IBRAR HUSSAIN NEKOKAR DPO KHUSHAB said that police is waiting for DNA report otherwise they have reached to the murderer. He said that the child was murdered same day he left his house but his dead body was found five days later.

PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that after the case of Zainab despite the attention of people and the media the child abuse incidents have not stopped. She said that child abuse cases will not stop until some people will not be hanged publically. She said that the CM should take the notice of the case and help this poor woman.

She said that now when Nawaz Sharif is in trouble and says that he is a revolutionary leader is not acceptable. She said that on the issue of terrorism he said to the terrorists to spare Punjab and go anyplace else. She said that Nawaz Sharif is trying to fool people. She said that how many Pakistanis have the right not to accept the court’s decision and run a campaign against the SC. She said that PPPP leaders names are put on ECL list right away the difference of behavior of the court with PML-N is obvious.

She said that a committee heading by Danyal Aziz has been formed that will decide to put the name of the people on ECL list.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that little children are easily lured the parents should educate their children against the molestation. He said that there should be training programs in schools to teach the children that where to touch is impropriate.

He said that former French president has been arrested on corruption charges he should have said like Nawaz Sharif that he was the elected president why he is arrested. He said that Israeli PM’s are also under investigation. He said that if the court’s decision against Nawaz Sharif was wrong he should provide the proof of his innocence. He said that the SC was attacked by PML-N because of the decision against them.

MALIK AHMED KHAN OF PML-N said that still so much more need to be done about child abuse. He said that a child abuse wing has been established in the police department. He said that amendments in the laws are also underway to punish the felons.

He said that PML-N asked twelve questions on the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif but they are still unanswered. He said that agencies representatives should have been included in the JIT of Rao Anwaar but have not. He said that on the other hand agencies representatives were included in the JIT against Nawaz Sharif.

FAISAL SIDDIQI LAWYER OF NAQEEB MAHSOOD said that he is satisfied on the arrest of Rao Anwaar. He said that according to the record four hundred and forty people have been killed in police encounters but none of the police personal has been even injured. He said that no new JIT has been formed against Rao Anwaar instead the old one has been expanded. He said that JIT is not given any time limit but his experience tells that they do not take much of the time. He said that Rao Anwaar says that he was not in the team that killed Naqeeb Mahsood may be his team did so. He said that record shows that Rao Anwaar was in contact with the team that killed Naqeeb Mahsood.



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