23 March, 2018 10:36






ISHAQ DAR OF PML-N said that twenty years ago a counselor named Abu Bakar asked him to add another lane taking some land of the park. He said that DG LDA lied he called and said that do you have any objection if another lane is added in the interest of the public. He said that he told him that he has no objection. He said that this case against him is a conspiracy. He said that his name is included in the park case on the report of the female worker of Dunya TV. He said that he did give verbal orders to anybody to build the road. He said that CJ gives the examples of Hazrat Umer he should have confirmed the matter before accusing him.

He said that devaluation of the rupee has increased the debts of Pakistan up to billions of rupees. He said that devaluation of the rupee has damaged the economy of Pakistan so much that the loss is irretrievable. He said that he does not know that how the debt has been increased so much after he left. He said that he said good bye to IMF as finance minister of Pakistan had his policies continued there was no need to go back to IMF.

WASEEM SAJJAD FORMER PRESIDENT AND CHAIRMAN OF THE SENATE said that Kulsoom Nawaz is ill has gone to the hospital many times permission should be granted to Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz to visit her. He said that Nawaz Sharif is running a campaign he will come back otherwise his politics will be seriously harmed.

He said that the differences in PML-N are now becoming obvious. He said that Ch Nisar statement is very harsh and clearly there are huge differences between him and PML-N leadership.

He said that gradually Pakistan economy is deteriorating it did not happen overnightly our current account deficit is increasing. He said that dollar conversion rate was rupees sixty during Musharaf government.

RANA AFZAL OF PML-N said that he is very disappointed because of the court’s decision not allowing Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz to visit Kulsoom Nawaz. He said that Musharaf was allowed to go abroad pretending that he had back problem although he was dancing there.

He said that Ch Nisar will never harm PML-N he keeps giving his opinion. He said that why Imran Khan’s children were born in England they would have born in Pakistan.

FAWAD CH OF PTI said that Rana Afzal is mentioning the illness of Musharaf but is not talking about the fake sickness of Ishaq Dar. He said that Ishaq Dar was facilitated to run away in the plane of the PM. He said that Jati Umra wall was built on state expenses for two hundred and fifty million rupees. He said that may Allah bless Kulsoom Nawaz health it would have been wonderful if she was treated in Pakistan. He said that there should be at least one hospital in Pakistan where everybody could get treated. He said that PTI will treat Kulsoom Nawaz in Shokat Khanum Hospital she should come back. He said that Imran Khan’s children were born in England because their mother belonged to there.