24 May, 2018 11:39







He said that Nawaz Sharif today’s statement about dharna was given in the court. He said that Nawaz Sharif told that he was told during dharna that he should resign or go on leave for three months. He said that like Nawaz Sharif said a commission should be formed to find the truth. He said that what happened during dharna General Zaheer can tell about it whether he was behind it or not. He said that he has not concern whether Imran Khan met with General Zaheer during dharna or not. He said that he has no evidence that Imran Khan met to General Zaheer during dharna. He said that Shahbaz Sharif and Ch Nisar sent Musharaf out of the country after the meeting with General Raheel according to which law he can take any action against them? He said that he wants to know about the truth of the history of seventy years we are unable to find who shot Liaqat Ali Khan till today. He said that whoever forms the next government should form the commission PML-N will support it. He said that some people are blue eyed Bhutto disintegrated the country in collaboration with general Yahya Khan. He said that the military and the civil administration both made mistakes Bhutto also worked as martial law administrator.

He said that NAB has paralyzed the system of the country. He said that in the meeting with the CJ he told his apprehensions and CJ told him his side. He said that it is good thing that the CJ is hyper active but what if he interferes in the affairs of judiciary? He said that the people are not getting justice the CJ should pay attention towards that. He said that civil servants are ridiculed in the courts how they can continue working.

He said that he often talks with the army chief on the county’s situation in the meetings of the national security council.

He said that Nawaz Sharif statement about Mumbai attacks outside the court was misquoted. He said that Nawaz Sharif still stands on his statement that the attackers of Mumbai were not sent from Pakistan. He said that India media highlighted the statement of Nawaz Sharif and then we also created the hype on it.

He said that Panama is a politically motivated case; show me one case in which even two hearings in year have been conducted. He said that London flats belong to Hussain Nawaz he should be answerable they do not belong to Nawaz Sharif.

He said that he has tried hard for the care taking government hopefully it will be decided tomorrow otherwise the issue will go to the parliamentary committee. He said that PML-N has given three names for care taking PM but they were not accepted.

He said that he hopes that the elections will held on time the constitution says that they should be conducted within sixty days. He said that if the elections are not held in sixty days the explanation has to be given.

He said that he is making efforts that FATA should merge into KPK before his government is over.

He said that whoever wants to leave PML-N can go it is not the jail he respects the opinion of those who have left the party. He said that the people that have left were in some other party then they joined PML-N and tomorrow they will with someone else.



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