19 June, 2018 12:15









AYUB KHOSA ACTOR OF PPPP said that he is active is social works for long time some people told him to form a NGO. He said that PPPP is a national party if he is elected from this party he will shoe that what he can do for the people. He said that it is true that there are problems but someone has to resolve them. He said that he believes that if PPPP comes into power the change will be seen.

SALMAN AHMED SINGER OF PTI said that it is the duty of the artists to distribute wisdom besides the entertainment. He said that their song Dil Dil Pakistan was composed during Zia government to create awareness among the people. He said that Imran Khan as the captain of the cricket team never compromised on merit he did same in SKMH and standing firm as politician as well. He said that he believes that Imran Khan should be given one opportunity. He said that Imran Khan started health program in KPK and today there is zero reporting on the cases of the polio. He said that Imran Khan told him that he will hold accountable to those electable that have joined his party.

JAWAD AHMED SINGER OF BARABARI PARTY said that he belongs to the family of professors both of his parents were professors. He said that the environment of his home was cognitional he read the world renowned books in his childhood. He said that he observed that people in Pakistan join the politics for their bread and butter. He said that he is contesting the election from three constituencies against Imran Khan, Balawal Bhutto and Shahbaz Sharif. He said that Imran Khan failed to form his own team in politics he collected the people from here and there.

BUSHRAN ANSARI TV ARTIST said that it is very disappointing situation the political parties were in power for three times but did nothing for the people. She said that she is very disappointed by those voters have no awareness and still vote for the same parties in Balochistan and the interior of Punjab and Sindh. She said that we have so many politicians the looted money has been found from their homes but no action has been taken against them.

She said that she has no doubt about the candidness of Imran Khan but he has gathered ill-repute people around him.



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