27 June, 2018 11:46








KHAWAJA ASIF OF PML-N said that nobody can predict about the result of elections.

This time he will get more votes it is rear in Pakistan that a government fulfilled all of its promises.

There was load shedding, terrorism and long queues to get petrol but now everything has been fixed.

This time PML-N slogan is “Give respect to vote” and only an ideological party can do so.

My father won four elections and in 1971 he lost to PPPP candidate with the margin of 150 votes.

My father also won the non party election during the Zia government.

There was a wave of Imran Khan in 2013 that has been pacified this time.

Imran Khan has people in his party that have changed parties three three times.

The ideological worker of PTI will not vote for me but he will not come out to vote for PTI as well.

The absence of Nawaz Sharif will affect the election campaign but PML-N voter will understand the reasoning behind it.

I admit that wherever we left the vacuum it was filled by someone.

Our leader is Nawaz Sharif if Maryam Nawaz gests any prominent position in the party she will also work under his leadership.

I do not know the reason of difference of Ch Nisar and Zaeem Qadri with the party.

The ticket’s issue always takes hype at the time of elections but this time social and electronic media exploiting it little too much.

If I am elected again I will like to build a ring road or a bridge to divert the traffic of the city it gets jammed when school’s time is over.

I will also like to resolve clean water problem of Sialkot.

USMAN DAR OF PTI said that it never happened in the history of Pakistan that a opposition candidate got 72000 votes only I have done so.

I believe that the last election was rigged but I will contest the election vigorously this time.

There is no good hospital in Sialkot neither is clean water.

I will build a technical university in Sialkot.

I live in Sialkot my children go to school here but my opponent and his family never live in the city.

We are well prepared for elections this time and the workers as well.

All the people joined PTI have done so because of the ideology of Imran Khan.



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