28 June, 2018 12:35









USWA ISLAM DAUGHTER OF QAMAR ISLAM PML-N CANDIDATE said that first time she has come out of her house she used to remain at home. She said that whenever she went out she was told to cover her head.

She said that a conspiracy is being designed against PML-N right now. She said that her father was arrested very next day he was allotted ticket to contest the election against Ch Nisar. She said that her brother Salar was outside when her father was arrested and he was not informed. She said that Ch Nisar Union councils were allocated 180 to 200 million rupees where all that money has been spent? She said that her father is still driving the same car which he is driving for long time. She said that Maryam Nawaz called her and ensured us for her complete support. She said that she will run her father’s election campaign if he is absent. She said everybod7y had her father’s phone number and people used to call him for little things. She said that the people stand by in difficult times get into trouble but the people support them.

SALAR ISLAM SON OF QAMAR ISLAM PML-N CANDIDATE AGAINST CH NISAR said that he went Lahore with his father to get the party ticket to contest the election when he was arrested. He said that he was standing outside till 6 PM and eventually he went back home in Daewoo alone. He said that a leader should be friendly with his supporters and eat meal with them sitting on the floor.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that he does not know Qamar Islam children are telling the truth or not this matter is subjudice and he cannot comment on it.

He said that the court was lenient with Nihal Hashmi because the language he used against the SC none can use in the civilized society. He said that today people are asking questions to PPPP and PML-N candidates about their past performance and Imran Khan has given this awareness to the people. He said that it is not the right thing to bring your children on TV to get the sympathy.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif should let Karachi be Karachi and do not try to make it Lahore of Paris. He said that Shahbaz Sharif disrespected the people of Karachi by calling it Karanchi and the people that chew pan.

NIHAL HASHMI OF PML-N said that what he said in his statement that o people who want to hold us accountable was about Bani Gala and not the SC. He said that Imran Khan used derogatory language against Iftikhar Ch and the judiciary. He said that Talal Ch and Danyal Aziz should ask for pardon to the court.

He said that Raja Qamar Islam arrest could be a turning point his children have come out in protest. He said that PML-N is fighting against the politics of suppression.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif was talking in the lighter mood in Karachi.



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