29 June, 2018 15:08









ALI ZAIDI OF PTI said that clean drinking water is the main problem of Karachi the city is situated at the sea clean drinking water plant should be installed here. He said that PTI has learned the lesson from its past mistakes. He said that PTI government has fixed the police in KPK and built hydro power plants there. He said that credit for restoring peace in Karachi goes to General Raheel Sharif he proved that RAW was responsible for it. He said that he made prediction that PTI Lahore jalsa will be a big one secondly Nawaz Sharif will be disqualified and now I say that Imran Khan will win from Karachi.

RAUF SIDDIQI OF MQM PAKISTAN said that his constituency is traditionally of MQM and he has no competition with anybody. He said that he has won the election of MPA twice from this constituency. He said that the voters of his constituency are educated and do not believe in the heritage politics. He said that fake cases were lodged against MQM workers he was charged with forty cases against him. He said that only five or six thousand voters in his constituency are Urdu speaking others belong to different communities of Pakistan. He said that he never promised anything to his voters neither asked for votes but he will do whatever is possible for his people.

He said that water is the huge problem of Pakistan if it is not resolved it will get even worst. He said that all kind of dams should be built including Kala Bagh. He said that when he asks people opposing Kala Bagh dam that why they do so they say that they do not trust Punjab.

He said that nine million people of Karachi are uncounted for in the census and new delimitation will benefit MQM Pakistan.

MIFTAH ISMAIL OF PML-N said that first time he is contesting any election PML-N brought peace to Karachi. He said that he did good job as finance minister and he hopes that people will understand it and vote for him. He said that he promised that he will set a water plant in Karachi that will provide fifty million gallon water a day. He said that it was the rangers that restored peace in Karachi but PML-N government empowered them. He said that people took cuticle from his home on gun point. He said that if he wins there is possibility to appoint him the finance minister again so he will be able to do some good work for Karachi.

He said that he hopes that PML-N can win five national and ten provincial seats from Karachi.

He said that PTI will also put up tough fight from Karachi.

He said that the military deployment inside the polling stations will minimize the chances of corruption and other problems will not occur as well.