3 July, 2018 12:11









ALEEM KHAN OF PTI said that first time when he contested the election against Ayaz Sadiq no one expected him to take as many votes as he did. He said that it is wrong impression that people vote because of money the candidate should have his place in the hearts of the people. He said that in the last election people from different areas of Lahore were transported to his constituency to vote for Ayaz Sadiq. He said that twenty five to thirty thousand people were brought to vote against him. He said that he built a 130 beds hospital in his constituency but Nawaz Sharif did not let it become operational. He said that PML-N has not built one good hospital in Lahore. He said that there is no clean drinking water in Lahore and seventy to eighty percent people are drinking contaminated water. He said that three people are put on one bed in the hospitals of Lahore and the patient’s family is told to hold the drip in their hands.

He said that PTI won six seats from Lahore in 2013 but trash was found in the bags later. He said that it will be too early to say that who will be the chief minister of Punjab when the time comes Imran Khan will decide it. He said that PTI is expecting t9o put up good fight by ninety percent of its candidates. He said that the people that have contested the elections know how to handle the situation on the day of elections.

He said that twenty three years political struggle is behind Imran Khan and people have put their hopes in him let support him in the upcoming elections.

AYAZ SADIQ OF PML-N said that the current constituency is new for him only seventy to eighty thousand voters belong to the old constituency. He said that there was a wave of tsunami of Imran Khan in the last elections but yet he managed to win the election. He said that he never accused Imran Khan for anything he was one year senior in Atchison College to him and used to play cricket together. He said that Khawaja Salman will watch development works in his constituency he will take care of the national problems. He said that Pakistan is in war on the issue of water with India and the population is increasing fast. He said that how long we will keep quarrelling with each other we should be united on national issues. He said PML-N workers are with the party and Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz absence will make no difference. He said that PML-N will form the government in Punjab and will take maximum seats in the center.

He said that he has family relation with Ch Nisar respects him a lot and whatever happened was Allah’s will. He said that Shahbaz Sharif is the PML-N candidate for PM and party has not decided yet that who will be the CM of Punjab.

He said that Maryam Nawaz has become matured enough if PML-N wins the elections she may become the foreign minister of Pakistan. He said that middle class people are going out of the politics and the people have money are contesting the elections.



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