11 July, 2018 11:55









AHSAN IQBAL OF PML-N said that he has to run his election campaign about twelve hours every day in the hot weather. He said that he built a university in Narowal the students studding here had no resources to study at Lahore. He said that the district hospital of Narowal is one of the best in Punjab. He said that he is going to build a cancer hospital in Narowal with the cooperation of atomic research commission.

He said that we have eradicated terrorism but now we have to annihilate hate from our society. He said that people are told short cut kill that person and you will go to Jannah.

He said that Nawaz Sharif abided by the law he kept going to the court during the illness of his wife. He said that the slogan of give respect to the vote is not just a slogan but commitment. He said that PML-N workers will go to welcome Nawaz Sharif but will not vandalize anything like PTI. He said that PML-N will exhaust all options like bail for Nawaz Sharif and permission for election for Maryam Nawaz. He said that PML-N workers know that voting in the favor of the party will put the walls of the jail cell of Nawaz Sharif down. He said that Rao Anwar is allotted bail if Nawaz Sharif and Maryam are not allotted it will be unfair.

IBRAR UL HAQ OF PTI said that he is sitting in the union council of Ahsan Iqbal and huge numbers of people have come out in his support. He said that people used to vote for PML-N but because of drug selling by Ahsan Iqbal relative, changing the law of the prophethood finality and corruption they are supporting PTI now. He said that there are no schools and health centers in his area.



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