17 July, 2018 11:35








SHAH MAHMOOD ANSARI OF PTI said that PML-N will be defeated badly in Multan and PPPP sign is not on the ballot paper. He said that PML-N focused on metro bus only in Multan. He said that PTI will invest on human beings, schools, hospitals and farmers. He said that PTI will form the province of South Punjab. He said that a wave of PTI is on just like PPPP in the past.

He said that because he is contesting provincial election so his supporters have presumed that he will be the next CM of Punjab.

He said that there are six national assembly seats in Multan and PTI is far ahead on four and on two there will be competition with PML-N. He said that his son is contesting against Musa Gillani and he is far ahead of his opponent. He said that Nawaz Sharif tried to politicize his case to get the sympathy of the people but nobody is talking about him everybody is busy in election campaign. He said that there are differences between Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif they he went to welcome him is not the way to welcome anybody.

He said that the bomb blast that took place at the restaurant in Multan is owned by the people that joined PTI three days ago. He said that nazim of Multan is only running the election campaign in the favor of PML-N. He said that his election office and workers have been attacked as well.

AMIR SAEED ANSARI OF PML-N said that he was elected MPA from the adjacent constituency in the past. He said that he will be elected with the support of the people of his constituency. He said that people that are taking the benefit of Multan metro are those who are unable even to buy a bicycle of their own.

He said that Imran Khan talks about youth but PML-N has allotted him party ticket he forty years old and the candidate of MPA is twenty five.



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