1 August, 2018 10:46









CH SARWAR OF PTI said that Imran Khan will decide that who will be the CM of Punjab and it will be done in couple of days. He said that PTI has consociation with PML-Q and nineteen independent candidates have joined PTI. He said that negotiations are on with other independent candidates hopefully they will also join PTI. He said that it was very easy to read the mind of Imran Khan before the election but now he is very careful. He said that it is his belief that the election was transparent and no rigging was done.

He said that if someone has lost by the margin of five or six hundred votes he should accept the result but Faisal Saleh Hayat constituency should be reopen. He said that the political parties and the election commission should resolve the problem of the rejected votes. He said that if rejected votes are more than the margin of the victory there should be reelection in the constituency.

He said that he will like to take some responsibility that is challenging. He said that which ministry will be allotted to him it will be decided by Imran Khan.

He said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi is not interested in the foreign ministry.

FAISAL SALEH HAYAT OF PPPP said that it is strange kind of situation in his constituency. He said that he asked the presiding officer for recounting but he said that he will open five polling stations if there will be any discrepancy he will open twenty five more. He said that there was discrepancy his votes increased in the recounting but the presiding officer is now not ready to go any further.

He said that Altaf Ibrahim of Punjab election commission has relation with his opponent and he was responsible for delimitation of his constituency as well.

He said that he believes that he won the election with the margin of three thousand and five hundred votes but he was defeated by design.

FAISAL SABZWARI OF MQM said that MQM has not made any formal decision to support PTI as yet. He said that MQM put its point of view infront of PTI. He said that it is the first election in which the counting is done after polling agents were pushed out of the polling stations.

He said that Jahangir Tareen assured them that if PTI forms the government they will have no objection if the constituencies are reopened. He said that PML-N has also contacted them but they will put their and PTI point of view infront of the Rabita committee.

SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML said that he is the senior parliamentarian it does not look nice if express his desire to become the minister. He said that Banigala is very crowded at the moment he will have the discussion with Imran Khan on his ministry once the things slow down.

He said that when health problems arise in the prison there is always someone behind it there is something shady behind it.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif did not go to the airport to welcome Nawaz Sharif.



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