7 August, 2018 10:50










He said that considering the economic situation of the country Pakistan has no choice but to go to IMF. He said that going to IMF is not the only option there are some others as well and will be tried too. He said that such decisions were made that the exports dropped from the previous five years and it happened first time in the history of the country. He said that foreign reserves reached as low as nine billion dollars China lent one billion and now the figure has reached ten billion. He said that he and Imran Khan are aware of the economic situation of the country there will be no excuses we will compete. He said that overseas Pakistanis have lot of confidence on Imran Khan they will be invited to invest in Pakistan. He said that such a way will adopted that it will be beneficial both for Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. He said that there are two hundred billion dollars of Pakistanis in the foreign banks the government will sit with them to determine if they have legitimate wealth. He said that the action will be taken if the money is illegitimate whether it is Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari or Faryal Talpur.

He said that he will declare his assets first to provide moral reason and then will introduce financial reforms.

He said that the main leaders of PTI will be part of the cabinet. He said that the session of the parliament will be called on 11thof August and on 12th the PM will take oath of the country. He said that PTI desire was to take oath on 14th but the law does not permit it. He said that one thing is certain that Imran Khan will not stay in the PM house.

He said that new and old faces are under consideration for CM of Punjab but KPK CM will be announced earlier.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif did nothing in the fields of health, education and agriculture he only built roads in the province. He said that Model |Town case will proceed against Shahbaz Sharif fourteen people have been killed but no one is punished.

He said that PTI has reached to the number of 177 for national assembly and 153 or 154 for Punjab assembly. He said that PTI will cooperate with BNP and will make the government in the three provinces of the country. He said that there will be no cooperation with PPPP we can cooperate in politics but not on crime.

He said that the corruption is at the extreme in FBR we need to control it. He said that the relationship between the FBR and it clients is like of police and criminal we need to ameliorate it.

He said that PTI government will like State Bank of Pakistan to set the rate of the dollar it is not the job of the finance ministry. He said that wealth tax will be imposed it will be taken from the rich and spent on the poor.

He said that Imran Khan has said that he will spare one hour in the parliament for questionnaire.



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