14 August, 2018 14:36









DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that main problem of the last election is legitimacy. He said that polling agents were sent out and were not shown that how the counting was done. He said that up to fifty hours in Lahore and sixty in Karachi the result was not announced.

He said that if every person of KPK sowed three and half trees a day then the number of one billion can be achieved. He said that when he asked the question about trees in KPK the answer was that the seed was spread by helicopter.

He said that the cases should proceed of the Pakistanis whom money is sitting in the foreign banks but justice should be done. He said that today the court asked if the wealth of Sharif family in the nineties was evaluated to determine that they made assets beyond means the answer was no.

SHIBLI FARAZ OF PTI said that 470 billion rupees of circular debt were put in a power holding company and loan was taken against it. He said that the loan is still unpaid and we paid rupees 138 billion mark up on it. He said that the total aggregate of circular debt right now is 12 billion rupees but we have immediate solution of six billion rupees.

He said that PTI government will set its priorities and direction in first hundred days. He said that PML-N won the elections in 2013 so the legitimacy was right then but wrong this time because they have lost. He said that the people were not going to vote for PTI if their performance would have been bad in KPK. He said that the trees are sowed by scattering the seeds by helicopter in the world we have done it too in Darah Adam Khel. He said that the whole world is acknowledging that one billion trees have been sowed in KPK.

He said that a legal frame work is required to bring the money back of Pakistanis sitting in the foreign banks.

NAZ BALOCH OF PPPP said that whenever a new government is formed they say that the economic situation of the country is bad. She said that PTI leadership was busy in dharna they did not serve the people of KPK. She said that no new university is built in KPK, roads condition is precarious and CJ has taken the notice on the issue of clean water.

She said that bad image of somebody is built in the TV talk shows but later on we find that no corruption has been proved.

She said that Benazir Bhutto used to appear in the court along with her two children and Nawaz Sharif was in power at that time. She said that what Nawaz Sharif is facing right now is the recompense of the time.



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