15 August, 2018 11:07









HUMAYON JAMSHED BROTHER OF JUNAID JAMSHED said that Junaid Jamshed used to sing Dil Dil Pakistan song very well. He said that Pakistan will definitely become the new Pakistan. He said that we should pay two Nawafil to thank Allah for blessing us with boon like Pakistan. He said that we should look at Palestine so we could appreciate our freedom. He said that everybody ahs the different capacity so we should serve according to our ability. He said that we cannot fall any further because we have fallen to deep now we will rise above Insha Allah.

MOHSIN HASSAN KHAN FORMER CRICKETER said that we promised that there will be merit in Pakistan and everybody will have the freedom to practice his religion. He said that when Pakistan team used to play under the captaincy of Imran Khan we used to think that Pakistan will prosper a lot. He said that the developed countries have provided three basic things to their citizens’ education, health and justice. He said that Imran Khan is not an angel but he is a pious and patriot person. He said that Imran khan was living a royal style life he did not need to become politician. He said that Imran Khan will lead by example. He said that Imran Khan will show the difference he will work hard and eradicate the corruption from the country.

UMER SHARIF COMEDIAN said that today we need to be united against the corruption and looting. He said that Imran Khan is in the mood to eradicate the corruption and we should support him. He said that new Pakistan will be a peaceful country Insha Allah.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that we are celebrating three happiness simultaneously Eid Ul Azha, 14th of August and PTI government. He said that Imran Khan and the politicians should be united for the sake of the people. He said that our military also has to change its attitude of considering the politicians bloody civilians. He said that we have sacrificed a lot and Insha Allah we will join Kashmir into Pakistan. He said that Imran Khan was so humble in his first speech after the victory in the elections. He said that Imran Khan has said that he will answer the questions every week in the session of the parliament. He said that Imran Khan should focus on accountability because PTI was formed on the slogan of justice.

MOHSIN SHAHNAWAZ RANJHA OF PML-N said that when he addresses people in his constituency he says that the migrants have the first right on Pakistan. He said that if PTI will work in the national interest PML-N will support them. He said that the people have high hopes from Imran Khan the people that were not interested in the politics voted for PTI. He said that Imran Khan should start accountability from his cabinet not even a single corrupt person should be the part of it.



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