16 August, 2018 10:46









NABEEL GABOL OF PPPP said that today four PPPP and four PML-N members went astray. He said that the investigations will reveal their names. He said that Imran Khan was expecting more 183 votes in the favor of speaker he is not happy with the outcome of the result. He said that in Punjab assembly a forward block has been formed and in national assembly as well. He said that a scrimmage could have taken place in the national assembly today but PPPP told its members to stay away. He said that never in the history such strong opposition has emerged.

He said that if PPPP has promised to vote for PML-N it will do so but the party is under extreme pressure not to vote for him. He said that Shahbaz Sharif has stated about Zardari that he will open up his bally to get the money looted from Pakistan.

He said that the timing of arresting Anwar Majeed is a way of blackmailing.

He said that bail is the right of Nawaz Sharif corruption has not been proved against him.

SADAQAT ABBASI OF PTI said that PTI got extra votes from the members of other parties they are not happy with their parties. He said that it will be traced out that who voted for PTI candidate. He said that the political party that took members to Changa Manga and remnant of Zia Ul Haq are making the mockery of the democracy.

He said that the law says if someone has assets beyond means they will be count as corruption.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is transported in the armed vehicle because he is an important personality and billions of rupees of this country have to be recovered from him.

KHURRUM DASTGIR OF PML-N said that PTI is bringing people in the airplane for the lust of the power. He said that PTI has fake mandate it is a show of the puppets. He said that the parliament gave the autonomy to judiciary and the election commission but they did not fulfill their duty well. He said that it is the test of the opposition parties as well that how they divert from rigged to transparent election.

He said that he heard the rumors that PPPP will not vote for Shahbaz Sharif. He said that it will be learnt day after tomorrow that who votes for who.

He said that Nawaz Sharif should be offered bail the black holes in his case have been exposed.



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