17 August, 2018 10:37









HAFIZ HAMD ULLAH OF JUI-F said that besides Punjab PPPP AND PML-N members betrayed to their parties too. He said that what was happening in the decade of ninety is still going on. He said that all the political parties have to decide that is someone will betray they will put unanimous candidate against that person.

He said that he party has decided to be in the opposition in Balochistan assembly. He said that there are some differences between BAP and PTI in Balochistan.

He questioned a citizen was slapped by PTI MPA is this the change they were making claim of?

PALWASHA KHAN OF PPPP said that what some have done is shameless. She said that the betrayal of the members is not just harmful for their parties but for everybody. She said that Imran Khan did not keep his promise he accepted their votes as well. She said that the conditions before the elections were not in the favor of PPPP and PML-N. She said that as long political parties will not go on the streets to protest their voice will not be heard. She said that the main challenge for PTI will be the promises they have made to the people.

FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that he predicted fifteen days back that a forward block has been formed. He said that he also gave the exact number that PTI will get 183 votes. He said that PPPP will either abstain or will boycott the election for the PM. He said that he predicted earlier that only Allah can change the result no human being will be able to do anything. He said that PML-N members will also be absent during the election of the PM.

He said that he was the first man to say that the PTI MPA that slapped a citizen has to apologize a show cause notice has been issued to him as well.

He said that the reason that Mansoor Sheikh PTI worker involved in spat at a car dealership was that his little daughter was pushed by the staff.

MIFTAH ISMAIL OF PML-N said that during the election of senate Ch Nisar also bought votes if PTI does it is legitimate for others it is wrong. He said that some kind of pressure has been put on Zardari to change his decision to vote for Shahbaz Sharif. He said that another PTI worker was involved in a spat at a car show room in Karachi.



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