21 August, 2018 14:44










He said that Imran Khan wants to bring the money of Pakistan on any cost he will contact the countries where money is sitting in the banks. He said that what Imran Khan said is what people want to listen. He said that Imran Khan has said that he wants to do savings and first he will start from himself. He said that Imran Khan has said that he will clear his way forward in ninety days. He said that the youth is behind us like the Great Wall of China if we could not deliver they will back off.

He said that every party has five to ten percent people that are under investigation for some kind of cases if there will be anybody in PTI Imran Khan will not support him. He said that there will be no leniency in the of thirty five billion rupees money laundering case against Asif Zardari. He said that PML-N is making so much noise and using abusive language they know next three to four months are pretty rough and tough for them. He said that he is seeing rough tough time ahead for Shahbaz Sharif as well his slate will not be cleaned. He said that he is foreseeing Khawaja Asif, Saad Rafiq and Shahbaz Sharif going to the jail.

He said that first he predicted that PML-N and PPPP will not remain united but now saying that they will get together again. He said that one PTI MPA slapped one person and PTI own workers demanded to expel him from the party. He said that Imran Khan made the consideration for one month on the name of the CM of Punjab but murder charge has been found against him only Imran Khan can answer about him.

He said that it was Imran Khan’s decision not give interior ministry to him instead he appointed him railway minister but he did not ask for any ministry. He said that Imran Khan has decided to keep interior ministry to himself for few months.

He said that Insha Allah he will cut the time from Lahore to Rawalpindi train to two and half hours. He said that a plan of double track from Lahore to Peshawar is also under his consideration people will see a change in railways till December this year. He said that sixty nine railway engines are sitting in the sheds nobody is worried about them.

He said that the politics will be heated till December the cases will be decided by then. He said that as long Imran Khan is the PM Nawaz Sharif cannot go anywhere. He said that he believes that there should be no quarrel a back door should be open all the time. He said that constitutionally we do not have the numbers required for legislation. He said that Imran Khan will not support Aetzaz Ahsan for the president he will back Arif Alvi.

He said that Imran Khan will keep good relationship with India he has his own influence stake holders are also with Pakistan. He said that General Bajwa did not embraced Sidhu without reason he conveyed a message to India through his gesture.

He said that America considers its think tank very superior but Pakistan has run its policy very successfully. He said that China has supported us a lot but at the same time we have done the same too. He said that Chinas commodities will take only twelve days to reach their destination through Pakistan instead of fifty four days. He said that Pakistan needs to be careful about China we cannot ignore our interest.

He said that Imran Khan is a sportsman PM not a businessman now he has to win the world cup of the whole of the country. He said that the youth of Pakistan does not want to see Imran Khan run out they want him to complete the century.



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