28 August, 2018 11:28










He said that his nomination by his party for president candidate created the misunderstanding among the other opposition parties. He said that the opposition parties thought that PPPP has finalized his name for president and it has not been consulted with them. He said that PML-N is opposing him because he is against them from the inception. He said that he contested the case of Nawaz Sharif when nobody was ready for it. He said that when Musharaf charged Nawaz Sharif in high jacking case he was his lawyer and Kulsoom Nawaz requested for it. He said that he told Kulsoom Nawaz that he will work hard on this case she also paid him appropriate fee. He said that he said that he is against PML-N and if Mian Sharif will learn that he is going to contest Nawaz Sharif case he will be upset but Kulsoom Nawaz said he is the one who sent her to him. He said that he told Kulsoom Nawaz that he will talk to Benazir if she will allow him then he will fight this case. He said that he talked to Benazir Bhutto and she said Nawaz Sharif has asked to fight his case from behind the bars so you must fight it.

He said that he will not fight the Panama case against Nawaz Sharif because he has taken a clear stand on it. He said that Nawaz Sharif is given a fair trial and now his case is in the court for appeal.

He said that in lawyer’s movement when the rally reached Gujranwala General Kayani called him and said that the demands have been met so we should call off the protest. He said that he asked that how it will be learned that opposition demands have been accepted, general Kayani said that make your mind after listening the speech of Yousuf Raza Gillani. He said that Yousuf Raza Gillani addressed six in the morning and accepted the demands.

He said that if he remains the candidate for president many opposition members will vote for him on their will. He said that PML-N should pay heed that Molana Fazal U Rehman is suitable candidate for president for them or him. He said that Pervez Rasheed normally speaks in soft tone but what he said about him he was not expecting it. He said that PML-N has said that they do not own the statement of Pervez Rasheed it is his personal view.

He said that the walls of Imran Khan and his house are attached together and he has good friendship with him.

He said that the timing of the cases against Zardari is such that it seems like it has to something with the presidential elections but this is not true. He said that if Fazal U Rehman and he both remain the candidates for president then Arif Alvi will definitely win. He said that PML-N opposing him tit for tat because PPPP opposed their candidate.

He said that his grandfather voluntarily offered his arrest for Quaid e Azam and his father also followed him. He said that his mother also presented herself for arrest when he was only one year old and decided that she will not wear silk till Kashmir is liberated. He said that his mother never even wore silk on marriage ceremonies in her whole life.

He said that when he was asked to apologize from Nawaz Sharif then his party decided that now they will not withdraw his name as candidate. He said that if Ayaz Sadiq would have been the candidate for president he was going to take his name back.

He said that PTI will face an uphill opposition in the parliament because PPPP knows how to put good fight in the assembly.



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