29 August, 2018 10:38









BALEEGH U REHMAN OF PML-N said that the love of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is part of our belief but we put on fire our own properties in protest. He said that there are some Western interests behind the blasphemy of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

He said that Aetzaz Ahsan always talks harshly against PML-N. He said that PPPP attitude against PML-N is not appropriate too they have opposed Shahbaz Sharif.

FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that it is true that we put on fire our own house in protest. He said that educated or illiterate everyone is one on the respect of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

He said that they way Nawaz Sharif treated Zardari it is impossible that opposition could get together. He said that PML-N has only Shahbaz Sharif as candidate for any kind of the election. He said that it was Saif U Rehman that registered cases against Zardari. He said that the cases against Zardari were registered earlier they have nothing to do with the voting of president or the PM.

LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that there should be legislation against the blasphemy of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the world. He said that the blasphemy against our prophet should be included in the act of terrorism. He said that we the Muslims cannot disrespect any of the prophets of Allah. He said that the blasphemy against our prophet is called freedom of expression in the west. He said that besides protest we should also deliver the message that we can sacrifice our life for the respect of our prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

He said that he is the lawyer in the case against Zardari and Faryal Talpur of money laundering of thirty five billion rupees it has nothing to do with them. He said that thirty five billion rupees were deposited in the account of Zardari after his tenure as president and fourteen other people are also nominated in the case.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif not even once recognized the president and the PM of PPPP. He said that it was decided that the candidate of the PM will be from PML-N and president from PPPP. He said that PPPP workers and the voters have strong objection on the name of Shahbaz Sharif. He said that PTI has appointed a FA qualified governor of Sindh and has taken back the name of the governor of Balochistan. He said the PM should be good judge before appointing anybody PTI record of the past is not very good.

KHALID MASOOD POET AND COLUMNIST a Muslim’s belief is not complete if he does not love prophet Mohammad (PBUH) more than everything. He said that Muslims cannot disrespect Jesus or any other prophet but for Jews and Christians it does not make any difference if they do so. He said that if no one can talk about holocaust then how our prophet can be disrespected.

He said that PPPP is delivering the message that it will not let opposition be united. He said that when it was decided that the PM candidate will be of the opposition then PPPP should have accepted the name of Shahbaz Sharif. He said that PPPP has become stubborn on the name of Aetzaz Ahsan do they not have any other candidate? He said that PPPP appointed Mustafa Khar a matriculate governor but now they are talking about merit.

He said that PTI has treated the police officer in the case of Khawar Manika just like PML-N used to behave.



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