5 September, 2018 11:20









FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that right or wrong allegation of Nandipur project is on Babar Awan so he decided to resign since his name is cleared. He said that there is hardly any politician whom name in not under investigation by NAB Imran Khan is the only different kind of politician has no case against him. He said that nobody strengthened the institutions their loyalty was with individual instead of the country. He said that there is no case against anybody in Sindh despite of the evidence provided by PTI. He said that PTI government not only has to speed up the work of NAB but also has to amend the law. He said that the action against alcohol should start from the parliament lodges where it is being used frequently.

He said that PTI has no personal interests it is going to work in public interest if the opposition will not cooperate to pass the bills in public interest it will be exposed.

NAZ BALCOH OF PPPP said that resignation of Babar Awan is a good thing that is the way it should be. She said that there are allegations against Fahmida Mirza as well but she is appointed a minister.

She said that the alcohol test of Sharjeel Memon is conducted in a private lab not by any lab of Sindh government.

She said that she congratulates Arif Alvi to become the president of Pakistan and hopes that he will become the president of the whole of the country. She said that Aetzaz Ahsan would have been a wonderful president he has long history of political struggle.

She said that if there will be anything in the best interest of the people and the country PPPP will support PTI in the parliament.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that first of all case should of Nandipur should be registered against Musharaf who allotted the contract of the project to a Chinese company without due process. He said that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif set the plant by overhauling rotten machinery of Nandipur. He said that there is the decision of SC to adjudicate the case of Nandipur in NAB.

He said that PPPP promised to give three names for president but do not know if a gun was put on Zardari head that he gave only name of Aetzaz Ahsan.

He said that if the government will bring any bill in the interest of the country PML-N will support it.

FORMER PRESIDENT AND LAW EXPERT WASEEM SAJJAD said that NAB is delaying the cases they are not well prepared for the cases to conclude. He said that Babar Awan took a good step to resign he is a good lawyer he can come back after clearing his name.

He said that the CJ himself found alcohol in the room of Sharjeel Memon and he said that it does not belong to him. He said that it seems that the test of the alcohol is tempered and it is very serious charge.

He said that PPPP is doing politics considering both PML-N and PTI their opposition by keeping the future in mind.

He said that in his opinion Imran Khan will face difficulties because he does not have majority in the senate. He said that forward block is not possible so soon instead it is possible that PTI will win more seats in the by elections.

He said that Indian on one hand and America on other are putting pressure on Pakistan Imran Khan has great challenges ahead. He said that Imran Khan has given a very good statement that Pakistan will cooperate for peace and not for war.



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