25 September, 2018 10:45










He said that our economic situation is not good very difficult but Insha Allah we will prevail. He said that mini budget is presented because the country is suffering the loss of two billion rupees every month. He said that the rates of some products have been increased and some administrative decisions have been taken. He said that the bill of economic reforms will be presented later the government will separate the policy and its implementation. He said that when non tax payer will buy the car his name will be included in tax bracket. He said that the PM is living in the small house to give the message of austerity. He said that overseas Pakistanis and inherited property are exempted but others will be pursued to pay taxes. He said that there are loopholes in the laws that are helping to take the money to other countries. He said that the government has asked to all the ambassadors to cooperate against those have taken the money abroad.

He said that the government will support the poor and back the exporters. He said that costly LNG was being sold to the industrialist of Punjab but now the government will provide gas on cheaper rates to them. He said that when he criticized the increase in the gas prices petrol was 47 dollar barrel whereas rupee’s price was 103 against the dollar. He said that petrol is at 78 dollars whereas rupee has reached to 125 rupees.

He said that the circular debt is 1180 billion rupees.

He said that the loss of gas department is 154 billion rupees.

He said that the government will go to the parliament if they will support will go to IMF otherwise not.

He said that he is very thankful to Saudi Arabian government that they let Pakistani delegation to go inside the Roza Rasool and Khana Kaaba. He said that Saudi Arabia is going to give a huge investment deal their follow up economic delegation will come in October to Pakistan. He said that Saudi Arabia will set an oil refinery in Pakistan invest in Cpek and China is also agreed on it.

He said that UAE has shown a positive attitude and interest in the projects are on priority for Pakistan. He said that UAE is interested to set water projects in Pakistan.

He said that the government has asked China to start projects in Cpek that will increase the employment and exports of Pakistan. He said that the government has also asked to put shares of Pakistanis in their companies for the benefit of our people. He said that China is going to conduct an economic conference and will invite four honorable guests the PM of Pakistan will be one of them.

He said that all the parliamentarians will file their taxes in October this year.



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