26 September, 2018 11:10







PARENTS OF AMAL said that after the police firing they knew that their daughter is hit but did not know where. They said that they called for ambulance but it was not dispatched instead they were told to wait. They said that hospital staff told them that the child cannot be treated in that hospital take to some other one. They said that they asked who will go with them in case they go to another hospital the answer was no one. They said that the hospital staff told them that they will take off their oxygen apparatus as well. They said that the dacoit was at the distance of five feet from the police whereas their car was fifty feet away. They said that police told them that the person fired the bullet did nothing wrong. They said that in the big city like Karachi the system should be fixed so that no other child should die. They said that media and everyone are talking about their daughter after the notice of CJ but the real task is to punish the responsible.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the attitude of hospital staff was pitiful with the parents of Amal. He said that he wonders that no one told the police that the bullet is not supposed to be fired in rush of the people. He said that the police personal that fired the bullet should be punished. He said that the parents are so brave that they have courage to talk about the death of their daughter. He said that the parents of Amal should be compensated.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif is the leader of the opposition and has the experience too he should be the head of the public account committee it is the tradition. He said that not only RTS system but pre poll rigging should also be investigated. He said that PML-N people were threatened. He said that the elections are not held by the care taking government but the government under the observation.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that the death of the child is regretful but the way the parents were treated is even more lamenting. He said that because the CJ has taken the notice on the death of Amal he will not talk anymore about it. He said that when someone comes in precarious condition to the hospital they are supposed to save his life.

He said that it is tradition that the leader of the opposition is appointed the head of the public account committee in our country. He said that there was time when PTI had to get on the container to demand the investigations of the rigging in the elections. He said that PTI government announced the formation of the commission on rigging in the first meeting of the parliament. He said that the head of the commission will a person from the ruling party and members will be of equal numbers. He said that PML-N has shown its consent on the commission. He said that recounting was done in his constituency for five days he was the winner but about one hundred of his votes decreased. He said that we need to bring electoral reforms otherwise complaints of rigging will continue. He said that we need to move forward so that the winner should be satisfied and loser should accept the results.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that the action should be taken against the staff of the hospital. He said that Amal parents will never forget this incident. He said that our people and the institutions should have some moral character. He said that the hospital staff should have tried to save the life of the girl. He said that some laws are creating problems for the people instead of facilitating them.

He said that PPPP government also appointed the opposition leader as the head of the public account committee. He said that no member of the senate is included in the commission of election rigging investigations.

He said that chief poling agent of Balawal was not allowed to enter in the polling station.



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